5 reasons were emotionally attached to our printed mugs

Most of the people can relate to their favourite mug being an irreplaceable artefact in their life, and most of us would feel devastated if it were to get stolen or broken by any chance.

But we didn’t need to tell you that, did we? The bond between the mug and the owner is so strong that it sometimes lasts longer than a few friendships and relationships. For example, a friend of mine has cracked clay mug that was built at a pottery house, and it has been at his side ever since. Here are a few reasons as to why this happens.

1.The Me factor

The fact that it belongs to you, you shall use it every day is a testimony to its importance in your life and daily schedule. The gift gives a sense of security and also stands as a rock in your times of difficulties. In short, it is a dependable item, and you are willing to let that go so easily from your life. Nobody is willing to let go of something like that, are they?

2. Reminder of times

Your favourite mug reminds you of all the fond memories you have had from sharing a sunset or having your favourite drink. Regular usage of cup leads to an emotional attachment to the object, which makes it harder to part with it. This is one good reason to remain faithful to one cup instead of having to choose from too many. Coffee mug printing has come a long way, and your photo cup can be your most prized possession too. Mug printing certainly leaves an imprint on your heart also.

3.The Moments

This cup has been with you in most of the waking moments of your life and is one of the first things you look forward to when you wake up. This reason alone shall make your mug irreplaceable and in a way it is. People who invest in mugs know their importance and emotionally attached to it.

4. The Smell of Coffee

The enticing smell of coffee is loved by most. Even the aroma of the coffee, makes you fonder of the mug you have. With these advancements in coffee mug printing, you can get a customized cup for a fraction of what it used to cost in the earlier days.

5. Companionship

The companionship offered by the cup is far greater and consistent than most things in your life. Thus the rock-solid nature of the mug literally and metaphorically adds to its value. With coffee mug printing becoming more and more advanced, it is possible to get a photo cup at low prices these days. Mug printing has reached its epitome and can make you any fancy wish possible, but the catch is that its only on the mug.

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