5 innovative ways to use blogs as customer acquisition tools

Do you know that you can use blogs as customer acquisition tools? A lot of people are converting HTML to WordPress to start an e-commerce website. Such users add a blog to their interface in the hope of driving more traffic. Blogs allow store owners to target keywords related to their merchandise and appear prominently in search results. However, most people are not aware that blogs have some other benefits also. Informative write-ups that are not overtly promoting specific products help in engaging the audience and building trust. Once people find that the information provided by the store’s blog is helpful, they will naturally be inclined to try its products. Business owners need to take a few steps to encourage visitors to move ahead on the conversion path. In this article, we are discussing a few ways which will help online businesses use blogs for customer acquisition.

1. Communicate Product Benefits To The Audience

Blogs can be used by businesses to communicate their products’ benefits to potential customers. You must have identified the pain points of your audience while planning and developing your item. Tell them how the product helps address customers’ problems effectively. Instead of plainly listing out the benefits, you must demonstrate how the product works. This will make the audience see the item in a real-use scenario and understand its effectiveness. Brands can also demonstrate how a product was planned and give a glimpse into how it is actually created. This will build trust between the brand and the audience. Do not make the write-ups too long and break them up into smaller segments. This will help the people in scanning the content quickly and knowing the advantages of using the item.

2. Include Call To Action For Conversion

A blog must provide some value to the readers in order to be popular. People like material which provides them with a solution or enhances their knowledge. Once you have explained to them your product benefits, it is necessary to direct them towards the items. Visitors who are impressed by the merchandise would like to try it and are ready for conversion. You need an instrument which will be helpful in converting them. A call to action is such a device which will invite readers to try out your wares. You must include a suitable CTA in your posts which will take visitors to the relevant buying link. This simple addition to your write-ups can help you in using blogs as customer acquisition tools.

3. Display Best-sellers Along The Content

The entire page and not just the text area can help you generate more sales. E-business owners need to be innovative and use their blog sections in imaginative ways. Most people focus on the text and use it for improving their online presence. They optimize it with keywords for the purpose and also use the opportunity to promote their wares. However, they forget that the rest of the space can also be used for promotions. You can showcase your best-selling items alongside the text in the sidebar. WordPress websites have widget-ready areas like footers where you can display items through widgets. Make sure that the goods showcased on the page are related to the written material. This can inspire interested readers to check out the displayed items.

4. Add A Direct Link To Products

Another good method to increase sales is by adding direct links to products in the blogs. If you mention an item in a post, it makes sense to add a direct text link. Instead of waiting for the reader to reach the end of the article and see the CTA, this approach inspires them to take the conversion action immediately. You can add such links in how-to guides which are realted to the category of your item. These URLs can also be added to other content like customer testimonials. The idea is to provide multiple ways to reach your product or a product category page. You only need to use your imagination and place the link of a relevant item in the content. This will allow you to encourage people to purchase without sounding overtly promotional.

5. Use Blogs To Build Your Mailing List

E-mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and promote the business. The practice lets brands interact with potential as well as existing customers and nurture their relationship with the audience. Blogs can be used for adding new subscribers to grow your mailing list. You can ask readers about security cameras to provide their e-mail IDs in return for a beneficial offer like a discount coupon. Business owners can also gate valuable content which will be unlocked only after readers provide their IDs. This will help in connecting with more and more people who can then be encouraged through newsletters to convert.


Merchants must know that they can use blogs as customer acquisition tools. They only need to be imaginative and employ innovative tactics mentioned in this article to win more clients.

Brandon Graves is a Sr. WordPress Expert at WPGeeks Ltd – A company that provides Convert site to WordPress services in a convenient manner. She is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress relates tutorials.

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