5 digital marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms

Are you an attorney thinking of hiring a specialist marketing agency for lawyers? Then you are on the right track. Such a company will help you or your firm get in front of prospective clients in the best possible manner. However, you must go through these digital marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms before hiring a marketer. This will help you understand the basics of digital promotion. The knowledge will also help you assess different professionals and make a wise selection. Even if you run a successful agency, creating a strong presence in the virtual world will help strengthen your real-world business prospects. The strategies outlined in this article will help you in reaching out to more potential clients and achieve success.

1. Acquire A High-quality Website

Your website is the cornerstone of your promotional strategy in the digital arena. No matter how popular you are on social networks, people will visit your interface to assess whether you are suitable for their case or not. Moreover, organic search is still the biggest platform for attracting new potential users. Acquire a website that has been made specifically for your legal firm. Make sure it has good quality content optimized with relevant keywords. The unique selling proposition of your agency must be conveyed in clear language to the visitors. Place contact information along with appropriate calls to action in prominent locations on all pages.

2. Create A Strong Presence On Social Media

It will not be sensible to ignore social media in today’s connected world. Almost every digital user is active on one or more social platforms. Your clients are also using these channels to communicate with other people. It is essential that you create a strong social media presence to connect and engage your audience. However, it will be pertinent to know the kind of platforms the target audience uses. For instance, if you are a startup lawyer then it will be sensible to get active on the professional social network, LinkedIn. Then there are networks like Facebook and Twitter which attract all kinds of audiences. Create posts according to the nature of the channel and make sure you update regularly. Tweeting a link to your blog or writing a short post on Facebook will help in building your image as an authority in your practice area.

3. Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-friendly

Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate and conduct business. People are using smartphones and other gadgets to surf the internet, watch videos, visit social sites, and even conduct financial transactions. Take a look at your Google Analytics report and chances are most of your website visits are coming from such devices. One of the most essential marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms is to make sure that their interface is mobile-friendly. Smart devices are dominating internet traffic which forced Google to switch to mobile-first indexing. Ask the professionals creating your website to use responsive design techniques. This will ensure that the interface is displayed perfectly on all kinds of gadgets irrespective of their screen sizes.

4. Use Hyperlocal SEO To Target People In Your Location

You must have heard about local SEO in which marketers focus on cities or regions to target their audience living in those locations. It is now time for even more focused targeting. Experts at top law firm marketing agencies suggest that attorneys must use hyperlocal SEO. This involves focusing on the immediate neighborhood where your firm is located. The content is optimized with references to local landmarks. This strategy is used for getting prominent positions in local, “near me” searches. People conducting such searches can check the business out easily and are more likely to convert. Create descriptive Google My Business Listing and make sure the contact information is consistent on all digital avenues. You can also activate hyperlocal marketing in your digital ad campaigns. Services like Google Ads allow you to set a geographical radius in which your campaign will be shown.

5. Leverage Client Reviews And Testimonials

Word of mouth publicity will always remain a valuable instrument for attorneys. Referrals still help firms get a lot of new clients. The strategy can be used in the online world also. Ask your clients to post reviews on various digital platforms like your website and social media channels. Showcase client testimonials on your website. People want to ascertain a lawyer’s credentials before hiring and positive feedback can help influence their decision.


These effective marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms will be helpful in creating a significant digital impact. This will improve their online visibility and help attract more new clients.

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