3 actionable ideas to protect your data at work

Cybercrime is a huge concern these days because many almost all businesses operate online. They must protect their systems from hackers and all types of cybercrimes. A business can suffer great loss due to a security breach — here are some tips to up the security of your system.

We set up strong passwords on our social media accounts out of fear of the hackers stealing our data. But when it comes to working the stakes are even higher. Cybercriminals come up with innovative ways to attack vulnerable systems to gain access to sensitive data.

A business must invest time and money in cybersecurity to avoid any such attacks — a loss of data may lead to loss of customers. Customers do not trust companies who do not protect themselves. They may share personal data with a company they trust, but the company must protect their data.

If you want to protect your data then you have got to take some steps. Here are three actionable ideas that can keep your data safe:

 Regular Updates

Most of us do not take updates seriously and click on an update later as soon as the notification appears. Regular software updates are imperative to keep your systems secure. No matter which operating system your office uses, it comes with security features to keep viruses away, but for those features to work, you must schedule regular security updates.

It is vital to protect your system from viruses. They can not only slow down your computer but also put your data at risk which may result in grim consequences. If your operating system comes with a virus-scanning software then use it regularly. You can also buy this software online to make sure you eliminate all viruses that may attack your system.

Another way to protect your system from cyber threats is to hire a cybersecurity company that specializes in providing such security — this would be a very smart move. Cybersecurity consulting companies like Mars Technology work closely with businesses and offer security plans based on the needs of a business.

Encryption is Key

Wireless networks help run companies these days. Operating without them is impossible. But they are of no use if they are not secure. Encryption keeps everything protected all over the Internet. From our emails and chats to the sites we visit every day — everything safe on the web is encrypted. You may have started hearing the word encryption recently but it is an old technique of data protection.

If you don’t use encryption on your wireless network, you are inviting attackers to come and steal your data. Without encryption, you will be constantly at risk. Encryption has different types but WPA2 is considered the best. If you want to use it to protect your wireless network then make sure you have the latest WIFI card because without it you will be forced to use less powerful modes of encryption.

 Set Up Administrative Rights

Sometimes employees may fall victim to a spam email and end up downloading a virus on the system or open a shady link on a website. Such small mistakes can lead to huge problems. It is impossible to stop everyone from clicking shady links and opening spam emails, not to mention it is human nature to do exactly the opposite of what they are told to do. To fight this problem, you can set up administrative rights instead of yelling at an employee for trusting a spam email.

By setting up administrative rights, you make sure that nothing is downloaded on company computers without authorization. This can save us from all kinds of viruses by stopping the installation of dangerous files and documents.

Every business has important data which they store online. This data must be protected and companies need to take this seriously. They must train their employees about how they should protect their data. Some tips like the ones mentioned above could be of great help if implemented accordingly.

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