2019 top best logo designs trends inspirational showcase

Being a business owner, one of the most difficult tasks that you might face is choosing a logo design to represent your company visually.  Whether you display it on your social media page or use it as a calling card—your logo is an image that your customers will associate with your brand and recall its values.  

The question that might sway in your mind might be related to getting started. Well, to begin with, you can review successful logo designs of various companies and get inspiration for your brand. Whatever design you choose, to begin with, you must remember that your logo must be able to hold the essence of your organization and be able to deliver your company’s message to the prospects.

Talking about design and inspiration, no one can understand it better than a designer. This is where a logo design company can help you to get creative. You can hire a designer and take the aid of a professional to design a logo that holds the essence of the company and make a perfect impression.  Here are some logo design trends which you can follow to get inspired to create your own logo.

  • Bring brightness to your design

Bright colors have always been on the top of the lists of logo design trends. You can choose a vibrant combination of bright colors and make a firm statement for your business. The use of bright colors is not limited to just a single industry, but it can easily be used to represent various brands and businesses. Coming to the best part, bright colors can enhance the emotions associated with the design making the vision and message more clearly to the prospects.

  • Get trendy with gradients

Gradients have lost its charm once before, but it has made a thriving come back and has become a trendsetter since Instagram changes its logo design. Now everyone is loving the trend and businesses are using the trend as a face if their business. Just like bright colors, gradients can also evoke emotions attached to the color and design.

  • Metallic means classiness

The metallic look gives the design a sophisticated look. Previously used for jewelry brands, it is trending in various industries adding simplistic look to the company. Metallic logos are powerful and can make your brand stand out in the crowd, which is all that a company needs to make a mark.

  • Geometric logos

Talking about designs, it can be said that geometry and logos are a couple made in heaven. Geometric shapes in design can add a symbolic touch to the design, which is the sole purpose of having a logo design. Geometrical shapes are associate with various meanings and can simplify the message of the company making your brand recognizable.

So whether you make it in 3D, flat or use perspective, geometric logo designs can capture the essence of your company in simple shapes.

  • Minimalist logo designs

Minimalism can make your design simple and impressive. A minimalist logo design won’t lose its charm or essence of the company when used in various platforms for marketing. This is one of the major reasons why businesses prefer using minimalist logo design. It provides a simple yet elegant look to the design is making it more conceptual and easy for the audience to understand.

  • Minimal Typographic logos

Minimalist logos have always been in the lime light and are likely not going to lose it in the coming years. Minimalist typographic logo style is made by using the initials of the name of the brand. Sometimes it is accompanied with a brand name on marketing materials such as billboards, business cards, brochures and more.

  • Negative spaces

Logos have never been this creative before. Utilizing negative spaces in the logo design is the ultimate example of simplicity and complexity in the design. This innovative design trend uses pictures and spaces to convey a hidden meaning to the audience. Hiding letters or images in the design can add an element of surprise and sophistication in the design, making it more attractive for the prospects. By the likes of it, it not a lie that this design trend is here to stay.

  • Vintage designs

I8t looks like 2019 is all about reviving the old trends adding innovation to make a mark on the audience. Vintage designs have always had a sense of sophistication and authenticity to it. It can be said that we are moving towards an aura of intricate, detailed and artistic designs to represent businesses this year and many years ahead yet to come.

  • Illustrations as letters logotypes

Creativity has no limit. This can be depicted by the logo trend using illustrations as letters in the design. However, the illustration replacing the letter needs to represent the letter replaced by the picture, but it can add meaning to the logo design itself.  


Breathe life in your ideas by followed the recent logo design trends and get inspired to make a perfect visual representation of the company. Make sure that the design trend you choose to work with is able to resonate with your industry and makes a perfect first impression on the audience.

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