12 cool gadgets you must check out in 2019

The technology is advancing with high speed in the 21st century. This is because the machines are improving constantly according to the comfort level of people. As increasing technology new gadgets are being invented to make life simpler.

Here are the cool gadgets you must have a try in 2019

Heated razor

Doing shave is now much easier you can’t even think off.  Heated razor has taken saving to just another level. Having razor at home without the irritating Blade voice sounds so cool. TECHNOLOGY has now introduced heated razor which warms up the soap and skin up to 120 degree resulting in advanced shave without the irritating voice of blade.

Mini speaker

Mini speaker is the coolest gadget to be used in 2019 it it is the smallest Bluetooth speaker in the world with awesome audio quality. The size of this speaker is about a quarter and can be easily carried in pocket and taken anywhere.To help you further with your purchase, here are top 5 best Bluetooth speakers you can buy under 2000.

Herbal facial cleansing brush

Taking care of your skin daily is something we all want to do but thinking about money and time we often ignore our skin. Now no need to visit parlor often. Herbal facial cleansing brush cleans the dirt even in mini pore of the skin. This device is USB chargeable .this is too cool and convenient to use.

LED Magnetic pickup tool

We often get irritated when our valuable items fall at such a place where we can’t reach this new technological development present’s LED pickup tool it is provided with an LED which rotates 360 degree to look after the object, there is a magnet provided to attract metal objects and pick it out. The best thing about this technology is that this too can be extended up to 22 inches for extreme deep areas.

Facial hair trimmer for women

All the women’s there is a surprise for you to make your skin look smoother you now don’t need something extra or visit parlor often for your facial hairs. Facial hair trimmer trims even the mini hairs present on the face making it smoother. This is also useful for trimming eyebrow hair as well it causes no irritation and smooth to use.

 Eye Massager wand

Our face also need massage which is often  ignored because of  busy Lifestyle. You are required to take care of them but now no need to worry technology is now able to introduce an amazing product using which you can massage your face . this is not much time consuming. IT is very cool and small hence can be taken anywhere even outdoors.

Smart clock with google assistant

Smart clock is an advanced technology which you can keep in your bedroom it helps to improve the sleep routine. lying on our bed and forget to dim the lights it feels lazy to get up again now no need to worry smart clock is provided with goggle assistant, assign the work and it will dim the light for you ,this clock  displays the calendar. It is also provided with peaceful sound that is necessary for good sleep. Here are best google map tips to make your commute easier.

Noise making sleepbuds

This technology is for those who are not able to sleep properly because of snoring or any else unwanted noise at night. You should use this technology for getting a better sleep. It is not normal sleep bud but is provided with preloaded sleeping sound .This also prevent unwanted sounds to enter your ears so that you can’t hear unwanted sound and get a peaceful sleep.

 Home Security Camera

Security is the biggest challenge of today’s life style.
We all are concerned with our security. But it is impossible to keep an 24 hrs. eye on something .home security camera is the coolest camera which is  wire free .it doesn’t require any installation and complicated handling. This security camera can be taken anywhere with you and can also use it outdoors.

June oven

Now totally forget about cooking stress. Cooking your favorite food is now easier by June oven. This is all in one oven it does cooking baking, toasting etc;.This oven is so amazing that now you can keep your food for cooking just setting the timer and go out for walk the oven will automatically stop cooking after the timer buzz.

stick up camera

Nowadays security has become the biggest concern. We often worry about our home if we are outdoor. How cool is it to be in your office and still able to look what’s going in at your home.  STICK CAMERA is a real time notification camera. Stick this camera anywhere at your home bedroom, hall kitchen bathroom etc; and stay connected to your home with real-time notifications on your phone.

Robotic mop

Now it’s time to replace your old mob, cloth and bucket.
During the busy schedule we often fail to maintain the cleanliness of our home. New technology has presented robot mop which starts on a button and doesn’t need any cloth to clean your house.it cleans each and every dust present at your place. After cleaning the room it will return back to its own position.

If you have not tried anything of them then hurry up! get ready for experiencing new technologies to make your life  more easier.

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