11 summer problems to avoid while driving in ireland

Summer creates its own problems wherever you drive. Irrespective of the city or country you drive the sultry climate is hard to bear whether you drive for a shorter distance or a longer distance.

The high temperatures of the surrounding and the tension it brings to your body and your vehicle is enormous and sometimes it tests your stress-bearing capacity. Climatic changes have a lot of bearing for the driver and the vehicle and to be ready to face the problem is very important to complete your journey with best travel blogs.

  1. Overheating of the engine

The cooling system of a vehicle would be set for some nominal temperature variations on both cold and hot sides. So, when the temperature rises above normal to hot climates, the cooling system would break down and create problems for the engine as well as to the passengers. Check regularly while traveling under the hot sun for a long distance.

2. Beware of tyres

Road temperature will be high because of the climate and added to it because of friction the temperature of the air inside the tyre is bound to increase. If the tyre or tube is weak this temperature rise will lead to puncture or blasting of the tyre itself. Keep tyre pressure slightly lower during summer allowing space for expansion of the gas.

3. Glare
Take proper precaution while driving against the sun direction. Glare will lead to accidents in the highways when driving at an above average speed. Use anti-glare sunglasses and always keep your windscreen cleanly wiped.

4. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common phenomenon for many, during summer. Store enough water and other liquid drinks in your vehicle for the benefit of you and other passengers. Temperature rise will lead to fever and deterioration of your body health and so have a basic medical kit in case of an emergency.

5. Tiredness

Summer driving is tiresome because of the surrounding as well as inside the vehicle irrespective of the cooling system in a vehicle. Take rest on regular intervals for a shorter period of time. Do not drink alcohol and eat only less food than normal while driving in summer.

6. Fire

Summer is dry and leaves and twigs fallen from trees and plants will be lying on the sides of the road. Prevent yourself and your passengers from throwing any cigarette buds into the bush to start a bush fire.

7. Clothes

Summer is sultry and leads to a lot of sweating. To prevent irritation in the body because of the clothes you wear, try to wear cotton fabrics as much as possible. Cotton lets the air pass through it and keeps the body cool.

8. Avoid confrontation
Summer not only flares the temperature but might also raise the emotions because of the stress created by the climatic conditions. The strain will be more during summer and a small argument might turn into a nasty one because of the stress caused by weather. Avoid confrontation during driving.

9. Car Documents

While traveling always carry your car insurance and other vehicle documents with you. Car Insurance in Ireland is very important and avoid penalty points and paying fine for not carrying your documents. Car insurance Ireland is a mandatory document that should be kept in your car.

10. Maps

Many navigation devices might not work in some of the Interior places of Ireland. So, carry a physical map at all times to avoid missing the routes in an unknown place.

11. Unwarranted Showers

Irish summers are famous for its intermittent rain. So, be prepared for short and sudden showers during summer. Roads might become slippery because of rain, avoid over speeding and follow the traffic rules at any cost. Respect other drivers while driving in smaller roads of Ireland.

Summer has its own drawbacks as well as positive points for a driver. Drive as per the conditions and situations, never get tensed and raise your body temperature like the climatic temperature and be a safe driver.

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