Why maintenance is important

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Dubai has a desert climate and the desert have a high temperature. Which become too hot during the summer season. The need for a climate control system becomes very necessary for everyone living out there. Not only in Dubai city it also becomes an important part for people all over the world. Everyone is using it throughout the summer season.

As the AC unit has to work hard throughout the year, it has to be in good condition. It needs maintenance to do so. Every air condition should get maintenance two times in a year.

It always essential to protect your air conditioning unit form unnecessary repair. Especially during in hot summer of UAE. Having an AC maintenance contract can prevent you from facing such issues.

The lifespan of an air conditioner is between 10 to 15 years. But it gets regular maintenance its life should be prolonged. Maintenance is similar to a regular check-up. Just like regular check-ups and exercise are important to keep us fit, regular maintenance and repair help an AC to work for the long-time period.

For regular maintenance you should hire a company that inspects your system in detail, clean it and repair it where it needs. Dubai is full of companies like these, who have the best experienced and skilled technicians. Who can detect and solve any issues your cooling system is going through. Call them twice a year for a detailed inspection! If you’re facing an AC issue immediately hire an AC maintenance and repair company.

Along with regular maintenance, you should do some cleanliness of your own at home on a weekly or monthly basis.

Like you can clean your AC filters. Constant use can make some dust stuck in the filter that decreases the airflow. Also, the constant use of an AC unit becomes the cause of any crack in the filter. Inspect it daily or weekly. If you find debris in the filters. Clean them. But if you detect cracks, it should’ve to be replaced.

Who knew you can stay cool by planting trees. Another thing you can do plant shady trees around your house as the outer unit of your AC unit should be placed in a shady area. This’ll provide shade to your home and your outer unit of your AC unit and your house will stay cool.

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