What are the best juicers on the market today

There has been an increase in demand for consumer juice extractors in recent years as people become more aware of the many health benefits of juicing.

Eating foods naturally is necessary to balance your diet, but you can only eat so much in one meal. That’s why juicing is a great way to get the most healthy victims and nutrients out of your foods, because it allows you to absorb a lot more nutrients from fruits and vegetables than you could if you eat a solid produce.

You can get all the nutrients and minerals from one bag of carrot in a glass of juice. More nutrients get into your body drinking a glass of juice as it goes into your system very quickly. Natural juices also help cleanse the system and get rid of toxins in your body.

Many years ago I bought a Braun juicer and thought it was the hottest product at the time. I had no concept of the different types of juicers that can produce different results. That juicer I owned in the early days was a centrifugal juicer. It was inexpensive and got the job done.

Over the years, as juicing has become more and more popular, we see many more sophisticated designs for juicers.

Today, there are several types of juicers for juicing fruits and vegetables.

Centrifugal Juicers use a high-speed spinning action to extract juice. You put fruits and vegetable into the feeding chute and the high speed spinning basket extracts the juice by using centrifugal force. However, the high speed action creates a lot of oxygen bubbles and the resulting juice has a very short shelf life, which must be consumed quickly to minimize the loss of nutrients. But despite the short shelf life of juices produced from a centrifugal juicer, this type of juicer remains the most popular type of juicer because of its affordability.

Masticating Juicers use a single rotating grinder — also known as a single gear — to crush the fruits and vegetables against the wall of the container at a much slower speed. The idea behind this is that the lower speed allows more nutrients and minerals to remain in the juice because of the absence of oxygen bubbles. Masticating juicers are more expensive than centrifugal juicers, but they are well worth the extra cost.

Triturating Juicers — also known as Twin Gear Juicers — go one step further and use two rotating grinders to extract fruits and vegetables. The two interlocking grinders with their sharp blades can cut and squeeze nutrients out efficiently at a low speed. Triturating juicers are generally the most expensive type of juicer. They are for serious health enthusiasts who juice regularly and who have a more generous budget.

Choosing the best juicer for your needs will first depend on your budget. If you are on a budget or new to juicing, an affordable centrifugal juicer may be ideal for you. Just make sure you consume the fresh juice within 15 to 30 minutes. If you have a slighter higher budget, masticating juicer is most recommended. A masticating juicer has most of the advantages of a triturating juicer, but still reasonably priced.

You can find out more about the different juicer types at Best Juicers On The Market.


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