What are some of the most common signs that your carpet has mold

If you want that long lasting carpet to look and smell great for as long as you own it, then you need to call your professional carpet cleaning services in taylorsville nc to properly maintain it around once or twice a year. But what about the time between cleanings? Sure you’re going to want to vacuum the carpet on a weekly basis, at the very least.

The bottom line is, carpet ownership is not an entirely passive endeavor. The more you neglect it, the worse it starts to look and that can cause it the material to break down, look dull, and even develop mold. That’s right, a poorly maintained and rarely cleaned carpet will start to show signs of mold growth before too long.

Mold is not something you want to live with in your home. The spores in mold can become airborne and you and your family can inhale them into your lungs, causing all kinds of health problems. All mold is toxic, but some is more toxic than others, and if a carpet starts to develop an abundance of the mold and mildew or starts displaying symptoms of black mold then you will need to remove it from the home entirely.

Replacement of carpeting can be an expensive and time-consuming task, one that will upend and inconvenience you and your family for days. Don’t forget about the mold removal process that will need to be performed first, before you install a new carpet in that same room.

So be very diligent about maintaining and inspecting your carpet for mold, especially if the carpeting has been subject to elevated levels of moisture over extended periods of time.

Bad Aroma

If your carpet doesn’t smell right, if there’s a musty odor about it, you could be dealing with a mold problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you smell something, do something. Check the carpet’s backing material, look deep within the fibers. Better yet, check underneath the carpet and the padding, chances are your problem is growing in that location.

Even more of a concern is that homeowners with a moldy carpet might become accustomed the smell and not realize there is an issue until a friend or neighbor visits and asks where the horrible odor is coming from.

Moisture Levels

A carpet must not be kept in a wet environment as that will almost always result in the growth of mold. If your home has sustained a flood of any kind or the home has high levels of humidity that wetness must be drastically reduced or eliminated entirely to protect the carpet. Mold breeds best in moist conditions and it’s up to you to locate where the moisture is coming from and remove it.

Be careful about the carpet cleaners you hire when you do have the material professionally maintained. Some companies use steam and moisture to clean the carpet and if they don’t extract it entirely, mold can and will occur. Always make sure your carpet cleaners are well-trained and have updated equipment.

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