Useful tips for cleaning gold jewellery

Gold is a metal that is malleable and ductile. It is chemically stable by itself and can be recycled and remodeled into a many items. Speaking of which, antique or vintage jewellery made of gold can be very valuable. Not only that, it may have sentimental value as well as material value for some people. While gold jewellery can be very beautiful, with the passing of time, the wear and tear becomes apparent on the surface of the gold. Here, you can check out 3 effective ways to clean gold ornaments.

  1. Using ammonia – Ammonia might be the first on the list however, use it only to deep cleaning as your jewellery might get damaged in due over time. Especially if it is platinum or pearl jewellery, ammonia cannot be considered suitable for cleaning them. For cleaning jewellery that has been tarnished, you can mix six parts of water with one part ammonia.

The gold jewellery need to get soaked in this liquid for 60 seconds. If you let it o sit longer it can corrode the jewellery. 60 seconds later, lift the items from the solution after soaking them. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth to allow it to dry. On a side note, always avoid cleaning or rinsing your gold items over a sink so as to prevent it from going down the drain.

  1. Using dish wash liquid – If your gold items haven’t been tarnished that much, you can clean it with warm seltzer water with a few drops of liquid dish wash soap. Again, remember that the water is not boiling as it might damage some of the precious stones. Let the gold jewellery sit in the mixture for about 15 minutes.

Use preferably a baby toothbrush to scrub off each piece of the items. If the bristles are hard, chances are that they mage old plating and the like. Rinse with warm water then proceed to dry them with a soft cloth. Finally, let your jewellery air dry over towel before you store or put them away again.

  1. Commercial gold cleaners – The market is filled up with commercial gold cleaners, however jewellery experts often advice to rather use liquid soap or ammonia that we already discussed above. They will be just as effective as any of them. Make sure to follow the instructions properly if you decide to use to any of them. Improper use of commercial gold cleaners cause them to form a film over the items which can make it appear dull and lackluster.

So these were three basic ways of cleaning gold or rose gold  plated jewellery  or tungsten steel  jewellery. You can also opt for professional cleaning; especially it is very valuable antique jewellery. In such cases, it is best to leave the job to a professional.

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