Trained nursing attendant needed

There may be such moments in your life when your parents or a loved one needs medical attention at home, round the clock. During such an event occurring, the services of a hired nursing attendant would be very much needed. Specially for a family member suffering from a chronic disease or may be for some loved one, who is in need of post-operative care, unable to go about taking care of themselves. During such moments, it calls for an in-home trained nursing attendant to be entrusted with nursing of such persons so that you have peace of mind and assurance that your loved ones back home, are in the hands of trusted and a trained nursing attendant.

About an in-Home Trained Nursing Attendant

An in-home trained nursing attendant provides for most common medical care at home. Trained nursing attendants are caregivers to take care of the sick person in need, such as helping them with their movement, dressing of wounds, taking care of their health, hygiene & nutrition. The nursing attendant has been trained to monitor and record general health conditions through regularly measuring physiological parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, fluid in-take and out-put for individuals undergoing special treatments, administer medicines prescribed by the treating doctor as well as provide vital information about the patient to the doctor on follow-up visits.

When would Trained Nursing Attendants be required?

Elder Care

At times elderly loved ones, incapacitated, would need support and assistance at home and would require the special medical care and support from a trained Nursing Attendant.

Mother and Child

A new born baby and its nursing mother with certain post delivery complications would need special care, after delivery care and medical attention apart from help with such activities like feeding, bathing, and housekeeping. Especially when you are not around to help out, the support from a well-trained nursing attendant at home will definitely be required. A nursing attendant’s duty also extends way beyond the premises of your home. She is there to also provide guidance and keep an update on your new born child’s health and betterment. Professional child care and nourishment can be highly beneficial at this stage.

Health and Lifestyle Management Care

Our responsibility towards our loved ones in need of help in moving around or being monitored regularly, should not and cannot take a back-seat purely because of our pre-occupation/ work pressure. A nursing attendant assists you in time of need during your daily schedule. It’s her responsibility to know all the details regarding your health concerns and assist accordingly. Her professional training is intended for you to understand all your requirements as and when they are needed. For such situations the hired services of a trained nursing attendant is available.

Post-Operative Care

A family member who may have been discharged from hospital after undergoing surgery, would need special nursing attention,  like checking and recording the essential physiological parameters, which only a trained in-home nursing attendant would be able to provide better than a family member.

Do you require a trained in-home Nursing Attendant?

Portea’s trained nursing attendants are a better choice. Hiring the services of a trained in-home nursing attendant from Portea, specially for such patient’s with special medical care assures you Hospital-Quality, Sterilized Injections & IV Infusions at Home, expert Medical Dressing, Bedsore dressing, surgical wound dressing, suture or staple removal at the hands of experienced nursing attendant at home. Such trained in-home nursing attendants can be hired through Portea for 12 hours or 24 hours, as per your requirement.

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