Top 10 Romantic Valentine’s Flowers



Roses: Widely known as a Valentine’s Day favorite, roses are the epitome of love. The various colors of the rose stand for various levels of affection, with each darker shade symbolizing greater passion and devotion. White roses signify purity and chaste love, pink roses symbolize tender love, yellow roses denote a love of friendship, and red roses stand for deep and passionate romance. All roses carry the idea of both respect and understanding, so it’s hard to go wrong with any gift that includes this delectable flower.

Carnations: Carnations are most well-known for their use in corsages and boutonnieres. They symbolize an easy charm and are ideal to give as a symbol of loyalty. They come in shades of pink and red, with white being the color commonly used for Toko Bunga Depok tints and specialty bouquets. Any combination of carnations is bound to make a romantic Valentine’s Day extra special.

Daisies: At first glance, daisies are a laughing, joyous type of bloom, but if you look deeper you’ll find that they are both intricate and intense. Daisies stand for purity, loyalty, and can denote virtuousness. They’re believed to attract affection to anyone who receives them as a gift. Daisies serve as an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day when words are simply not enough. They bring about just the right level of friendship and romance for those who are just beginning a journey of passion.

Gardenias: Gardenias are well known as symbols of love and peace. Combined with daisies, this flower appears at its best. One little known way to use a gardenia for romantic purposes is to dry the petals and scatter them around a room. The gesture is said to enhance tenderness and peaceful feelings.

Irises: Irises, which come in a variety of soft and brilliant colors, symbolize both hope and faith. Then within the pattern of the flower you’ll find an interlocking of three points that stand for knowledge, confidence, and valor. Irises serve not only as romantic flowers but also as gestures of joy. Giving one to someone you love is sure to bring about cheerfulness.

Lilacs: These commonly admired and well-accepted flowers are praised both for their graceful form and magnificent colors. Lilacs are said to hold in their charm an undisputed statement of love, be it romantic or friendly. Lilacs are also considered to be a sign of security.

Lilies: This delicate flower is most commonly seen at special events such as weddings. More traditionally, lilies are given on Easter but they can serve as an equally lovely gift for your special Valentine. They’re said to be the ideal symbol of purity and hope. With their lilting grace and romantic scent, lilies are sure to enhance the most romantic evening.

Orchids: Orchids are one of the most delicate, romantic flowers that exist. They symbolize seduction and exquisite, one-of-a-kind allure. Naturally, orchids carry with them a very romantic message as well. Orchids can be given freshly cut from their flower stalks or set in planting pots, but either way they make a bold and romantic statement. Orchids come in a variety of shapes and colors and shouldn’t just be reserved for rare occasions. Rather, use them freely to boldly state the depths of your love.


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