The easiest way to apply wall stickers

Living room is a certain space that talks a lot about the house. It is the place where visitors come and sit and so it is open to everyone including the owner of the house. That is why; the living room wall has to be certain which will be oozing out the personality of the house owner and their taste in colours and art works.
There are plenty of wall decor stickers for living room and one should pick up such a sticker that can go by the taste of the house owner. The decoration should always bring out a sense of aestheticism. One can always go for textures and plain wall paintings but going for wall stickers can be an in thing and it can also look very fashionable. When it comes to wall stickers these days, there are plenty of designs available and one can also install them very easily because it is not at all a hazardous thing.

Talking of wall stickers, they are mainly available of 3 varieties and so that the application process becomes easier, there can also be a diagram which will definitely highlight that what layer of the sticker has to be installed b y facing the room. These 3 layers are:

  • Backing Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Vinyl Wall Decal

Before installing any kind of decals and wall stickers one has to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, one has to check whether the wall area or the surface where the sticker is supposed to be installed are clean enough and they are dry along with a smooth surface. If they are not clean then one can always clean them by using a damp piece of cloth and then post cleaning one should leave the surface for a few hours to dry out. Then one can go ahead with the application process of wall stickers. If the wall is freshly painted, then one should not install a wall sticker there for at least 3 weeks as it may ruin both the paint and the sticker.

Here are some steps to follow:

  • The sticker has to be laid on the surface and the transparent layer has to face you. Then one has to tape the 4 corners to the wall where the sticker is needed to be applied. One can use a masking tape in this case.
  • After that one has to apply the strip of tape in such a way that the anchor point is created.
  • One has to peel out the application layer very carefully so that the decal or the sticker remain stuck to the wall and then one should peel it till it reaches the anchor point. Then the back layer has to be cut off till the central divide.
  • One can also use a credit card or a squeegee to remove the bubbles from the layer and then clear the paper.

This is the easiest way to install wallpaper stickers for living room and one can do it on their own.

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