The 8 Best Short Throw Projectors for 2020



Planning to watch your next movie on a big screen at home? You already know what you need- a good projector. However, every profitable project requires some investment and so, a big screen requires a lot of space to set it up and to keep a reasonable distance in between to make its throw more effective.

“I want to set up a projector but I don’t have the space to do so!” –It’s not your problem only, but a problem of more than half of its audience.

Since technology has seen advancement in almost every area, the device to fit well in your little space has been introduced known as a short-throw projector. Without looking odd, Short Throw Projectors gives you a cinematic experience and makes the unreal feel as real!


“Why should I choose a short throw projector?”

The most annoying part about using a projector: Watching a random person’s shadow on the screen (in the middle of our movie) because that person walked through its throw. We all hate it! So, buy a short-throw projector to remove this inconvenience. They are such projectors which are kept at a distance so small that no one can travel through its throw (no one to ruin the image!). Such a projector is great for gaming, movies, business trips, etc. It stands ideal to create your own cinema in your small room.

Long-throw projectors, on the other hand, are only bought because they are less expensive. But you don’t want people interrupting your movie every now and then, or do you? Nevertheless, such projectors can be used in big halls where people can use the other route than to break the projector’s throw.


Buying a short-throw projector is not only about determining if it has a short throw but like all other projectors, some features are common in them that they must have to live up to your expectations. Here’s what:


A short-throw projector, obviously, must have a short throw. A short-throw is determined by its ratio which is written as throw distance and screen width respectively. Special short throws have a ratio of 0.5:1.


It’s a ratio between the blacks and white of your screen. Generally, for home theatres, it is preferred that your screen constitutes more black than white (create a more in-depth image). For a business where you want a bright image, whites should be more in ratio.


We all are familiar with clicking on the 1080p option when watching a YouTube video. This 1080p defines the quality of your video, or in better words, screen resolution. Basically, resolution describes the number of pixels that make up a picture. Their relation is such that the more the number of pixels, the clearer the image you see. For home theatres, the best choice among all is 1920*1080 (HD 1080p). 1920*1200 is used for business purposes but 1080p works fine too.

Since you have the features in front of you, you might be more perplexed now because you thought projectors were all about just a good screen!? So let’s start searching for the right projector, shall we?

“Where can I find the best projector?”– Luckily, after guiding you, this article strives to be the road to your projector. We have chosen THE BEST SHORT THROW PROJECTOR for you, that being Optoma’s GT1080p 3D projector.

REASONS For Choosing This:

  • It is specially designed for gamers who, after projecting their game on a big screen, can easily defeat their opponent.
  • It is an eco-friendly projector i.e. it consumes only 0.5 power (low electricity bills).
  • By being shut down automatically, it reduces your bills to 25% of the regular bills.
  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it comes at an incredibly reasonable price.
  • It constitutes of zero hazardous materials so you can use it safely around children.
  • It can deliver 3D content on the wall in its form so original that you might forget you were in your lounge and not in that forest!
  • You can attach MHL with it to play games, watch movies or play slides, etc.



Normally, with a long throw projector, you would have to place it at a 6 feet distance to create an image of 100 inches on the wall. With this projector, however, you can save the space for stretching your legs because it is kept at a distance of only 3.5 feet.


This projector throws 2800 lumens on the screen so fast that you do not miss out on any scene. Having a contrast ratio of 25000:1, it improves visibility for you and increases your response rate so that you hit your opponent far before they knock you down.

This projector has so much more than ordinary features, the prime one being its short throw feature. Set it up anywhere without anyone interrupting your game. So why wait? Get this projector to have the most real cinematic experience in a very little space!

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