Spice up your wedding day with these must have gold jewellery

If you are a shopping freak, you will definitely know the kind of craze that a wedding brings in. It goes without saying that the possibilities around are endless when it comes to picking up the best jewellery designs for women but it comes down to one thing that you specifically need to look out for – the quality. Wedding is a once in a lifetime kind of affair. So, it is not even a matter of question that you need to get the best ones for your fairytale kind.

For your convenience, we have listed out some of the most important wedding “must haves” when it comes to the jewellery for the bride.


This is a staple for those brides who have a well sculpted and slim neckline. The choker accentuates the overall look and given that the majority of them is studded with precious jewels and stones, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this one. There are several types, depending on the size or even the width of the choker. If you want something with a more traditional touch, the Jadvi Laccha Choker is a definite must-have. It looks amazing layered with multiple gold chains, so you can try that as a styling tip.

Rani Haar

This is also quite an amazing one that you definitely need to try out. These are long necklaces which can either contain single gold chains or even multiple ones. The length of this beautiful gold necklace is what steals the show. It often runs down till the navel and adds a very royal look and feel to the overall look. This has been very popular must have when it comes to the bridal jewelleries. This looks amazing with V-neck blouses and can also be layered with a choker for that added bedazzle.


If you like something out of the box and not the staple gold jewellery on your wedding day, the navratan is actually an amazing option to look into. It consists of the nine different coloured stones and gems and definitely adds in that different look that you just can’t miss out on. Don’t go overboard with the styling. It is important that you put more focus on the necklace itself which is why pairing it with a neutral and pastel shade saree or lehenga is the best option.


This is a traditional gold jewellery piece that you just can’t do without. The design is simple, has got lots of stones or jewels and goes amazingly with almost every kind of neckpieces that you have been looking into. A close neck blouse is an amazing addition to this that you just can’t mess with.

Finding the perfect piece of gold jewellery for your wedding is a must. You need to ensure that from knowing about the 6 gram gold chain price to getting a beautiful neck piece done, the process of it is quite extensive but definitely worth it for the big day.

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