Mri scan centres of bangalore

MRI scan centres in Bangalore are prescribed by a wide range of medical hospitals across the country for correct diagnosis, treatment and investigation of a disease. MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is used to understand human organs and structures inside our body with the help of magnetic and radio waves. In medical industry MRI scans help in the diagnosis from torn ligament to tumours (both malignant and benign). All the images produced are 2D or 3D in nature that helps in proper diagnosis and treatment. It is also very helpful in investigating the conditions of brain and spinal cord. This advanced technology has revolutionized the treatment of multiple health disorders finding enough applications for staging of the ailment and its proper diagnosis.

There are more than 50 MRI scan centres in Bangalore. A good number of patients come from different parts of the country and overseas for MRI scans and quality treatment at a reasonable cost. This scan is a painless procedure lasting from 15-90 minutes depending on the locus of the area being scanned and the required number of images being taken. A specialized radiologist would study the respective results thoroughly and then interpret to write a report that would have the mention of certain conditional details. The typical MRI report would contain sections like clinical history, exam type, etc upon which the required line of investigation will continue. All the findings of each section will be cited separately. The results are normally classified as potentially abnormal, abnormal, and normal. The scan centres conduct these tests only under the prescription of your healthcare provider suspecting that you are suffering from the below mentioned illness or disease.

  • Spinal cord and Brain condition
  • Tumour and its subsequent abnormalities
  • Blood vessel and heart related issues
  • Breast cancer
  • Bone and joint abnormalities
  • Liver diseases
  • Bowel syndrome condition

Depending on the severity of the patient’s health progression sometimes the doctors would prescribe periodic MRI scans to keep a constant check and change occurring during the on-going treatment.

Patients from across the globe are in constant search for the best MRI in Bangalore. As a result, they land up in multiple scan centres providing the best service.

The price of the service offered here is very reasonable and affordable too. Few centres have multiple branches operating 24*7. Most of the MRI machines are 1.5T and around 5 centres offer 3T and there is one open MRI centre too. The image quality of an MRI depends mostly upon signal and field strength. Ideally for chest and abdominal MRIs a 1.5T machine is faster than lower strength. However, a 3T MRI machine produces extremely clear images due to double the signal strength. As a result of fast-paced growth in medical science and research expertise we are observing a comprehensive growth of MRI scan centres in Bangalore.

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