Legal strategies followed by a fraud defense attorney to avoid harsh penalties

If you are facing any fraud charges, especially retail fraud, then there are a few legal ways in which you can avoid harsh penalties. However, do not be adventurous to go ahead with it all on your own but play safe taking help of a qualified fraud defense attorney. The attorney will never go beyond the legal peripheries to save you but will surely find out an easy and effective way to do so.

However, if you are convicted with retail fraud it may have a bad consequence such as:

Loss of employment
Probation with expensive and harsh conditions
Damage to your reputation and credit score
Problems in immigration
Potential prohibitions in travel visa
Difficulty in obtaining personal or student loans
Problems in professional licensing
Experiencing fear and anxiety.

The list of problems seems to go on and on. Assuming that you are convicted for shoplifting there are a few questions that needs to be answered such as:

Was it impulsive?
Are you going to be prosecuted for a one time occurrence?
Was it planned?
Whether or not you offered to pay for the goods?

You may also feel that several other people do it and you are just unfortunate and got caught. Most importantly, you may think that why would such a large and wealthy corporation care about such petty things.

Well, the fundamental key that you need to know that whatever is the reason that you are convicted with such a crime, you still have the legal right for representation and you will need a fraud defense attorney for that matter.

Do not compound the problem

The next wise thing to do is to make sure that you do not compound the problem before or after hiring the fraud defense attorney for your case. Even if there is an arrest before you can involve your lawyer make sure that:

You are not aggressive or hostile
Fight with the police or loss prevention
Run away from them
Provide incriminating statements verbally or in writing
Lie to police officers
Disobey ‘no trespass’ notices issued by the store.
If you do any of these, it will compound your problems, make it difficult for your attorney and result in additional and more serious charges. This will eventually result in prosecution, denial to negotiate, being less generous in your plea and even undermine potential defenses.

Help from the lawyer

Any sensible person will suggest that you take help of a lawyer if you are accused or arrested because the fraud defense lawyers will look into all the critical yet relevant aspects.

First, they will give you good and useful advice.
Second, they will do everything to help you in this situation to provide you with the peace on mind.
Third, you will not be questioned without the presence of your lawyer ever if you let know the police that you have one.
Fourth, you will receive a bond with reasonable conditions with the help of the lawyer.
Fifth, the attorney will obtain discovery to determine the defenses and approaches that are best suited for your case.
Sixth, they will negotiate a favorable resolve with the prosecution or the Judge so that you are in a better position.
Seventh, they will try and fight it out in trial to try and get an acquittal.
Eighth, if convicted they will pursue potential sentencing options in order to reduce your consequences or punishment.
When it comes to discovery, the lawyer will look for specific materials to find out the actual fact behind the case. These materials include:

Police report
Loss prevention report
Videos of the store
Recorded statement
Evidence of the value of the goods and others.

While preparing the defense the lawyer will focus on aspects that may include but not limit to:

Violations of your rights
Lack of credible and sufficient evidence
Mental health related issues and others in order to convict.

Remember, even if you are not charged, you can be convicted. In such a situation you cannot but hire a lawyer. Consider this to be your investment for your future because there will be no way in which you can rectify on your own or even get away with inferior legal representation.

Summing it up

If you are charged or convicted, remember that you have a privilege against self-incrimination and right to legal representation. Hire an experienced attorney and make sure that you do not sell yourself out or lie because it can be considered as a criminal offense against you.

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