In This Cold City – A Long Distance Love Affair



Armando and Patricia finally met in real life, after six months of their long distance love affair. They made plans to live together in the future. Armando spent two weeks with Patricia and they were both happy to finally have proven their ペアーズ セフレ for each other. When they parted on that winter, both had promised each other, to always keep in touch.


Every time I wake up by dawn
I dream of you…of us…
’til I realized, I ‘m alone
And I miss you so much!
In this cold city zone.

When I start thinking of you
I think that’s all I knew
And when I do
I feel as if my heart
would split in two…

I wish I were home with you now
‘cuz to get through this loneliness
I know not how
Oh, I miss you so much, terribly
Especially in this cold city.

But keep in mind honey
though we’re both miles away
Every day that I lay
In your arms I long to be
and that my love for you
will never fade
but will stay
I miss you babe
In this cold city…

But Armando called Patricia only one time, when he arrived in Spain. For several days, Patricia had waited desperately for his next call or mail from him…One week had passed-by, and then again another week…yet still, Patricia had never heard from him. She started to panic and called him every day. She wrote him religiously but her mails were never had been answered by Armando.

Until one day, after three weeks, Armando finally had written her, “Dear Patricia, I am very sorry. It was not your fault and there was nothing wrong with you at all…It just that, our relationship did not work for me. Would you please forgive me? Would you still be my friend? Armando” Ouch! That was awful. I was peeved and totally bugged, when Patricia told me what happened with her relationship with Armando.


Running away from the thoughts

Of memories you’ve left…

And having your love that I kept,

My heart still beats for questions

I don’t understand and couldn’t ever get, while

Looking through my eyes

Where there were you

Who were once mine…

But the good thing was, Patricia had recovered from it. And would you believe it? She is having her long distance love affair again at present. Patricia believes that there is nothing wrong with LDL. She said, they were just not meant to be… Well, they took their chances, but sadly LDL did not work with Armando and Patricia.


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