How to win at arcade games with these helpful tips

Are you tired of losing at classic arcade games? Spending all of those credits on your Dave and Busters card only to walk out of the prizing kiosk with little more than a bag of gummy bears and an empty credits card? Well, we’re going to help you do something about it. No matter whether it’s your local arcade waco or the latest barcade to open in your area, you can be a winner time and again with some of these helpful tips:


It doesn’t get more classic than Skee-Ball. But while this game couldn’t look more basic and easier to win, in reality, it’s actually pretty challenging to get even a decent score from all of those balls. You roll one ball at a time down the alley into the chutes with different score totals. Of course, the easiest chutes to hit have the lowest scores.

But if you consider the way you approach the lane, much like with bowling, you can improve your scores significantly. The same overall rules apply to Skee-Ball as they do to bowling. Don’t bounce the ball against the lane and get low to the ground when you release the ball. This will give you better aim and control over the ball. It’s all about where you have your feet placed when you shoot. You may need to experiment with a few different stances first before finding the one that is right for you.

The Claw Game

You know this one, you’ve probably played it countless times with nothing to show for your troubles. These games can get expensive with some of them charging up to one whole dollar for 30 seconds of time to aim the claw and attempt to retrieve your prize, only for the claw tines to lazily slide over it and fail to grasp what you want.

A couple of things to keep in mind here, the first being the prize pit. If everything is packed in there real snugly and close together, you’re going to have a very hard time winning and the owner of the machine knows it. They’re hoping you fall for it anyway and dump all of your money in. The second thing to consider is the claw itself. Try to see it in action before you step up to the joystick, if it’s too loose then walk away. It’s not going to pick up anything in the pit.

Finally, one last thing about claw games. Some of them are programmed to close the claw on every fifth or tenth or thirtieth or one-hundredth attempt. Many of the machines are designed this way now. So you may line everything up perfectly and have the claw land precisely on your prize only for the tines to fail to clamp shut.

The owner of the game wants you to keep trying so you pump more money into it and maybe your attempt will turn out to be the one that is programmed to actually close the claw on your prize. These machines have a luck of the draw component to them.


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