How to select pillows for neck pain

The right sleeping posture is essential as it helps to wake up without feeling any pain or stiffness in the body. Though people know that a mattress that offers support to the body is necessary for improving posture, what is not known is the significance of a good sleeping pillow. It supports a healthy sleeping posture by ensuring that the head, neck, shoulders, chest, spine, hips and knees are aligned.  On the other hand, a wrong pillow results in the neck and head not getting the necessary support and causing misalignment of the body parts leading to pain. 

If you are suffering from neck pain it is all the more necessary to find the right support for it. Find below a handy guide to buy a pillow for neck pain.


Pillow firmness: A neck support pillow or any sleeping pillow for that matter should be of the right loft and firmness. The right firmness is dependent on the sleeping position and the size of the sleeper but in general, a pillow that is too firm or too high causes strain to the neck as it does not allow it to relax while the sleeper is asleep leading to a stiff neck and other issues. Also, if the pillow is too flat and also causes strain to the neck, the most preferred one is something in-between. It should be of medium loft and medium firmness to get the right neck support.


Filling type: There are many fill options that are available for pillows and each one has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The most popular choice for neck pain is the memory foam pillows. Not all memory foam pillows are made the same and those that work best for your neck pain issue is one which has a medium-soft foam which can easily adapt to the shape of the neck and not hold it in a fixed position. 


Size: A standard-sized pillow is sufficient for most people but if you are someone who prefers to sleep on a large one ensure that the sleep posture is proper. Some specialty pillows are also available which are used for specific purposes like neck pain, back pain, etc. They are useful to provide support and give relief to pain in pressure points.


Sleeping position: Though it is a general rule that says that the pillow type and the sleeping positions should match it is not a hard rule. Most of the sleepers switch positions while sleeping. For example, a side sleeper might spend some part of the night sleeping on the back and a stomach sleeper may sleep on the side too. So you should look for a pillow that supports all sleeping positions. One of the most popular pillows is from Wakefit which offers comfort as well as support to the neck in all sleeping positions.


Use a neck pillow: If you are a frequent traveler and have neck pain because of that, then it is better to use a neck pillow to provide support to the neck by preventing it from falling to a side while you fall asleep. 


Mattress and pillows: The choice of your mattress also matters when you are buying a pillow. If you have a firm mattress use a softer pillow and as it needs to get adjusted to the surface as well as the weight of the head while sleeping. On the other hand, if you are using a softer mattress a firm pillow will help in keeping the head and neck alignment correct. 


Not buying the right pillow can prove costly in the long-run as it can deprive you of sleep and lead to health issues. 

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