How to prepare for corporate and allied law

Corporate and allied laws is a very interesting subject if you try to understand the concepts deeply. You have to build a reading capacity of the bare act. After reading, chapters make your own notes in easy language.

This exam consists of two parts –

  • Corporate law           – 70%
  • Allied Law                  – 30%

You have to concentrate on both parts for scoring good marks, give proper importance to allied law.

  • There are many amendments in companies act, so there is a need to be updated every time with these amendments.
  • Always follows a relevant pattern to present a question i.e., first of all, give provision related to the question and then facts of the case after that correlate the provision with given case and at last give conclusion.
  • Your conclusion should be clear and properly presented that is easily understandable by the examiner.
  • Sections are the most important part of the law. Write sections properly for scoring good marks
  • Always write sections only when you are sure about it otherwise writing a wrong section will give you zero marks.
  • Revision is must, decide a particular day in every 15 days for revision.
  • There are many amendments are come in SEBI, so need to be properly updated every time.
  • Support your answers with references for case studies.
  • Try to use appropriate law language while writing the exam.
  • Give only relevant points. Don’t waste your time to write irrelevant points.
  • Most important is your speed in exam. As we know that the law exam is too lengthy so you have to maintain proper speed to complete the exam within time.

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