How to Make a Long Blog Readable by Following These 6 Small Steps?


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You’d have met some writers in your life who complain about people not having time to read their blogs despite writing the quality. They do the research, writing and editing part but still they don’t receive the expected response from their viewers. It’s because people find it lengthy to read.

But what if I tell you that you can make your blog readable by following these simple tips?

Yes, by following the tips mentioned below, you won’t only increase the readability of your blog but will also make it digestible for the readers.

  1. Start with the Outline


If your blog comprises more than 2500 words then you shouldn’t start it directly with an introduction to the topic. You should take the first step with the table of contents or the outline. Let your readers know what you’ll cover in the blog by mentioning the key headings as an outline.

The outline will make readers clear what they will get from you by the end of the blog and they won’t quit it immediately after opening.

  1. Break it into Headings 


If you aren’t writing a story, then it’s perfect to break your blog in headings. Like the first heading will be the introduction to the topic, second can be the background and third can be the key point of the topic.

By breaking the blog into headings, you break the information into chunks which makes it easy for the readers to digest all information. The headings also use short sentences and paragraphs.

Take Neil Patel blogs as an example, he writes detailed blogs but he breaks the information into headings and subheadings that you can read the whole blog and won’t find it challenging.

  1. Make Use of the Visuals


If you want readers to read your whole blog then you shouldn’t rely on the content only. Featured images and pictures in the body prove to be excellent in increasing the readability of the blog. So, if you have important statistics to show in your blog, you should use it in the form of graphs, visuals, infographics, and videos.

If you don’t know how to design creative images, take help from any Chicago web design company to make you the creative visuals for your blog. You’ll see how breaking the text with images enhance the credibility of your blog and make it readable for your audience.

  1. Use List and Bullets

List and bullets make it easy for readers to skim your content and focus on the headings. It makes easy for them to understand your blog by focusing on the headings and the key points only.

The use of lists and bullets is also good for search engine rankings because Google considers blogs with numbering more than paragraph-based blogs. The search engine algorithm can easily discover what you’re writing about and increase your ranking based on the readability of your blog.

  1. Easy Typography

In a long blog, typography plays a strong role in making the readers reach the bottom of your blog. So, you shouldn’t complicate the typography by using fancy fonts or fonts that are hard to read.

Fonts like Arial and Times New Roman are best for all types of audiences and also maintain the readability of your blog.

  1. End with a Call to Action


After reading the whole blog, users want to take action. Not adding a CTA will make you miss this golden opportunity so you should always end your blog with a strong CTA.

This is not only beneficial for your website sales but also for maintaining a good bond with your readers.

Final Thoughts

Keep your blog tone natural and relate with your audience. When people open your blog and start reading it, they are creating interaction with you so you must make the most of this opportunity by giving them value through your blog.

Keeping these tips in mind will make your detailed blog an easy read, you must consider applying it.


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