How a freebie can help your business



A temporary test version of a computer program to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, free access to each of the available group programs in the gym, cosmetics and perfume testers in specialized stores, and food samples for tasting in the supermarket’s trading floor. All these phenomena are united by one thing – a freebie.

From a marketing point of view, creating free product testing points is far from a new idea, but with a competent approach, it can completely change your business. Providing free product or content allows you to attract an audience without an expensive advertising campaign. Here are four benefits of free content that will work for your business Spotify Premium Free.

1. Increased interest

The hardest part of the business is getting people to notice you. People are free to freebies, so by offering them free versions of their products, you make them pay attention to your business. A popular practice among startups is to create a freemium, which is a strategy that provides a product or service either absolutely free, but with limited functionality, or minimal for money, but with a set of additional functions and privileges that are attractive to the target user.

Additional free applications and functions may include useful content sent to an e-mail address or by personal access to the seller’s website, discounts on related products and services, the possibility of priority testing of other new products, and much more. It all depends on the type of business that you do, the wealth of your imagination and generosity (generosity if you want).

If your free offer is really attractive, then there is hope to keep the customer until he makes the first purchase. But even in the event of a refusal to purchase, do not despair, because other markers allow you to find out the real attitude of the company towards the company.

For example, if a person does not unsubscribe from an electronic subscription, this means that you are interested in him, which means that it’s a stone’s throw away from a direct purchase. Of the other possible bonuses: the spread of positive information about you, the formation of a loyal attitude to the brand (which is the same as a deferred purchase), or a combination of several of these factors. What we will talk about below.

2. Positive brand associations

Everyone loves a freebie, especially if at the same time no additional conditions and obligations are put forward. A safe freebie makes people happy, and happy people are more likely to shop. By providing something for free, you are developing a positive connection to your brand. Consumers will remember the pleasant emotions they received earlier, having heard the name of your company or seeing its logo, which will make their attitude to the brand even better and increase your chances to beat your competitors.

3. Personal testing before purchase

And no matter how developed online stores and websites with consumer reviews of goods and services, the population is much more willing to buy familiar things, familiar brands and what you can personally touch, try, check. The only chance to take a worthy place in the market is to let people personally get acquainted with your product. This will demonstrate what you can offer and how your offer differs from competitors. The simplest illustration of this thesis is the mobile ProjectfreeTV. First, a free test version is downloaded, then the full version is bought, and then various additional options are also bought to improve the quality of the game and pump levels.

4. Formation of template behavior

As soon as a potential buyer tested the free test version and took the next step (purchased a product and enjoyed the purchase), his brain receives a signal that your business is safe. And this means that template behavior has begun to take shape. Your task is to make him come again. And as soon as you get a client for the second time, you can be sure that you have a regular customer.

A person instinctively fears the unknown, so each next purchase will most likely be made automatically from you, your brand will become the default brand, and that is, it will gain an undeniable competitive advantage. Your task, in this case, is not to stop there and maintain high-quality standards.

As you can see, a freebie has its positive aspects. Quality free testers will help increase sales and, in conjunction with other marketing efforts, lead the business to prosperity.

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