Hot Female Sex Fantasies – What Do Women REALLY Love in Bed? (Hint, It’s Pretty Hot!)



What do women really want in bed? Do we fantasize about the same stuff that men do… or our sexual fantasies completely different? Are girl’s sexual fantasies really dirty… or totally PG 13? In this article we are going to explore some pretty common (and dare I say pretty HOT!) sex fantasies for women, and see how they stack up for size with yours! (no pun intended) Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay… but women just fantasize about love and romance, right? We don’t really fantasize about white hot sex! (or do we?)

The truth? Most sexual studies show that female Sex cam fantasies are often FAR hotter, more graphic and much more sexy than those of men. And women fantasize in delicate and delicious detail, too… whereas men tend to only see the general, overhead view 🙂

So what are some super common… yet very sexy sex fantasies many women share?

Good question! Here are a few super sensual ones that most women have thought of at least once…and many of us, explored on many occasions as well!

  • Exhibitionism (the “watch me/us” fantasy… very common, very erotic and surprisingly, many women have tried this one too!)
  • Voyeurism (The “I want to watch YOU/them” fantasy… has been made very popular, and much more accessible due to technology, web porn and even, believe it or not… members only web cam communities that have grown in popularity over the last couple of years)
  • Dress me UP (women who love to make love in costume, or outrageous outfits….everything from naughty lingerie to more elaborate and erotic outfits as well)
  • The magic of massage! (From the traditional, to the highly erotic, exciting, and exotic tantric massages which have become all the rage recently as well)

The fact is, women create very elaborate, very detailed sex fantasies that they’ll often NEVER share with their man… but will openly reveal to their friends, or even a diary, blog or journal

Another very common female fantasy is the “Anonymous Adonis”…

Or making love to a total stranger… but a very well endowed man both above and below the waist 🙂 Most women, especially those in relationships with average or more mediocre men when it comes to size, strength and power….have a secret fantasy of bedding, or being seduced by a strong man who has GOT the goods in bed, and beyond! (this one I guarantee she’ll deny if you ask her… but I’ve yet to meet a girl YET, who hasn’t had a little bit of lust for a large man)

The bottom line is…

We fantasize JUST like you! Communication is key… and often ASKING your girl what she secretly wants is the quickest path of making it happen… and giving her a sexy surprise she’ll NEVER forget! (and you won’t regret… I promise!)

And remember… Master the magical art of making her quiver [] with delight… and you will NEVER have to worry about her even THINKING about another man…that much I know for sure 🙂


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