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There was a time when owning an espresso machine at home was considered out of the realms of the average at-home coffee drinker. Today this is no longer so, due to mass production of espresso machines from several of the large espresso manufacturers (DeLonghi, Nespresso, Krups, Sunbeam, Breville).

These machines are now highly affordable, starting at the $200 price point. If you stick to one of the reputable brand name machines, you should expect a machine that can produce a minimum of 15 Bar pressure – this will result in a very good cup of coffee each and every time.

It can however, take some time to master the Espresso machine. To this end, it can therefore be beneficial to consider taking a professional barista / espresso making course. These are typically offered over a weekend or during weekday evenings. These courses are geared specifically at the domestic espresso machine owner. Price for these courses is also reasonable, with most averaging around $200 for a single 1 day course. Though certainly not a necessity, attending such a course will ensure that your getting the very most out of your espresso machine, and will almost certainly guarantee that your at-home espresso making is of a cafe standard each and every time.

General differences between the brands, Breville vs Delonghi

Breville vs DeLonghi-What is the difference? deeply care not only for the quality of the features available on their devices, but also for their deliverance.

Breville, for instance, likes to give their espresso machines a noticeable touch of art. You can notice that your first impression of a Breville machine is that of a one that has all its parts artistically aligned and in classy colors.

If you think that Breville’s art takes a lot of space in your kitchen, there is a chance that De’Longhi has the right espresso machine for you. Producing the slimmest machines on the espresso machine market, the company’s device will most likely fit in a very tiny space.

But you might still hesitate on making your decision since Breville is known for having buttons for its machine’s features. The buttons will help you be more flexible while making your espresso since they work on demand. With an option like this, creativity and preferences can go through the roof.

If you’ve just made your decision to buy yourself a Breville, I have something else to say. De’Longhi might not have buttons that work when you press them, but they do have a good programmable system. This means that you can program your espresso and let the machine do its part. After all, not all of us have the experience of a barista to brew our coffee manually.

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