Find out the meaning of lmao in terms of dictionary

We are all familiar with the use of the dictionary. Whenever we hear the word dictionary the first thing that comes to our mind is that it might be conveying the meaning of something. And the dictionary is something we all have the trust on. Whenever something is written in the dictionary it means it is the correct and accurate definition delivered to us. And even dictionary doesn’t have any side effect, you might never have heard that any parent restricts their child from reading a dictionary, because it only and only gives a piece of knowledge and doesn’t carry any kind of disadvantage with it.

Dictionary gives you the meaning of each and every word that exists and even tries to deliver the meaning in different languages too. It would be more amazing for you to know that the dictionary not only gives the meaning of simpler or complex words but also tries to deliver the wholesome information about the internet slangs too. You all might be familiar with the internet slangs going trendy nowadays on many of the social networking sites. There are a lot of internet slangs going trendy in today’s era such as LOL, LMAO, ROFL, ASAP, EOD, BRO, SIS, BF, GF, BFF, ILY, IDK, IDC, and many more. These all the slangs have different meanings and have their own purpose to b used in a sentence.

All the slangs carries different abbreviated forms with it, although some of the slangs have a bit the same meaning such as the three slangs LOL, LMAO, and ROFL has the same meaning i.e. to convey that they found something funny. But, it has a different abbreviated form such as LOL is an acronym that stands for Laughing Out Loud, whereas LMAO meaning is Laughing My Ass Off, while the ROFL stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing. Whereas, other slangs can also be abbreviated as ASAP for As Soon As Possible, EOD for End Of The Day, Bro and Sis for Brother and Sister, and so on.

These slangs helps us a lot and is also much entertaining for using while chit-chatting with our friends, relatives or someone else. These slangs are most widely used on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. These slangs too consists of different levels of utilizing it while chit-chatting. For example, if you find something a bit funny when you say it as LOL, while if you find something funnier then you say LMAO, and if you find something the funniest then you say it as ROFL. Its the difference between using the same meaning slang but with different abbreviated form.

Dictionary is the best book you can go for whenever you get confused with any of the words or even with any of the slang. You can even know the difference and when to use which slang, how to be a sarcastic guy, and much more. Whenever any kind of question arrives in your mind just visit a dictionary and get your answer.


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