Explore the reasons why businesses must consider mastering the art of instagramming

Instagram has been making waves ever since it had announced the availability of the full-screen immersive advertisements within the usual Stories meant for businesses. While brands were used to running ads within the usual feed, the very thought of creating a Story for your business’s marketing campaign, seemed potentially quite effective. By this time, everyone is well aware that Instagram Stories has been successful in capturing the attention of practically all businesses or marketers worldwide. Some interesting statistics prove why Instagram Stories have become an integral part of every marketing campaign for businesses today.

As per http://embedsocial.com, Instagram stories are utilized by 500 million users per day. Moreover, we understand that 1/3rd of the most popular Instagram Stories are supposed to be from businesses. We know that 50% of businesses that are present on Instagram worldwide have created a minimum of one story in a month. We know that with a phenomenal 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s audience is growing consistently well ahead of both Pinterest and Twitter.

Visual content has been dominating since 2017 and as per SEJ, a vast majority of the businesses had admitted to publishing content with pictures more than 90 percent of the occasions. Moreover, around 60 percent of the businesses feel that visual content certainly is an integral part of their marketing budgets and campaigns. Instagram is the most popular visual-oriented platform and if you are not thrilled about Instagram yet, you seem to be falling way behind. If you still are having second thoughts about Instagram, explore the top reasons to master Instagram for boosting your business.

Customer Lead Gen Seems to Be Instantaneous

As per experts, Instagram could prove to be more effective and powerful in terms of targeting the right prospects as compared to Facebook and other social media platforms. For instance, if you do wedding photography, you could simply search for appropriate hashtags such as #hepoppedthequestion, #shesaidyes, or #ido that would be showing you a comprehensive list of over thousands of individuals who are looking for your wedding photography services.

We understand that this is particularly true of all those brands that depend on location, life events, social identity, and style. It may take a little while for marketers to get used to the idea of hashtags and learn how to use them effectively for yielding the best results. Once you know how to find your clients on this versatile and vibrant social media platform, Instagram would be providing you with a relentlessly updating lead generation solutions. You could easily boost инстаграм накрутка лайков by hiring the expert services of trustworthy digital marketing company.

Users Wish to Engage on Instagram with Businesses & Brands

You would certainly find your ideal customers or clients easily, reliably, and quickly and the best part is that they would be more willing to interact and talk to you. As per the Forrester report way back in 2014, Instagram has been the king of user engagement since 2014 with 4.21 engagement percentage determined in users who interacted with the various posts associated with diverse brands or businesses in comparison to the 0.07 percentage of Facebook and 0.03 percent of Twitter.

You know that most of your customers are hanging out on Instagram to draw inspiration for shopping. Whether your perfect client is looking for an innovative style, or is newly engaged or is searching celebrity gossip, you would find them at none other places than Instagram. We know that Instagram is the ultimate destination for all businesses if they wish to interact with their brands on an active scale.

Users Are All Set To Interact and Shop

Almost one-third of the Internet users worldwide are present on Instagram, hence, you would spot your perfect audience there. Instagram is known not only for offering Story Ads and Newsfeed but also, for its Shoppable Posts that ensures that now you could sell directly via the app. Instagram is just the right platform for buyers to get an impulsive buying opportunity.


Instagram is gaining traction by the day and has over 1 billion active monthly users. As today visual content marketing is the way to go, businesses must not make the mistake of ignoring or staying away from Instagram.

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Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic.

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