Effective preparation tips for cbse class 10 maths examination

Mathematics is usually a bad dream for some students, yet others might find it very simple. This contradiction is primarily because of a similar reason, i.e., you either understand and learn it entirely right or totally off-base. What is more, that is also the reason why it is conceivable to score a hundred percent in maths. Maths is a subject in which you can score high marks as long as you are solid, steady, and intensive with the concepts, topics, and problem-solving methods. It is a subject that draws your interest and enthusiasm into it gradually, only with practice. You might regularly find an issue in completing the Maths paper on time due to the extensive and entangled calculations and procedures. Chances of you panicking while answering the questions in the exam are high, due to which you become incapable of finishing the paper before or even on time. As you run short on time, a couple of questions are dropped reluctantly. And often, it is observed that the questions you leave unattended are those which could have been done very easily. Such a state turns out to be baffling and disheartening.

Tips To Score High Marks In Class 10 Maths Examination:

  1. Note down the equations and theorems in a separate paper and go through them regularly.
  2. Understand and study the complete syllabus of NCERT Class 10 books as the examiners either pick problems for board exam paper right from NCERT textbooks or base the problems on it. All the questions in the NCERT books, both examples and exercise questions, are the most crucial study or practice material that the students can get. Hence, never leave any question from the NCERT textbook unsolved. Refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths when in doubt.
  3. Practice repeatedly to enhance speed and exactness. You can refer to other reference books to solve more questions.
  4. Be cautious about the foolish and careless mistakes you tend to make so often. Go through the answers once you are done with answering the questions to get rid of these careless mistakes.
  5. Make sure that you solve several sample papers and previous year papers before the examination to get an idea about the exam pattern and marking scheme.
  6. Ensure that you contemplate the subject designating time according to the mark distribution for each chapter to score the best in the examination of Class 10 Mathematics.
  7. If the concepts in the textbook are still unclear for you, ensure to grasp them, no matter what. The question might be a continuation of the points incorporated into the Class 9 syllabus. Henceforth, go back to class 9 NCERT book and solve the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths on that particular topic and later get back to your present problem to solve it.

Obtaining excellent marks is not always the last resort. If you are thorough with your subject and accurate with your preparations, performing outstandingly well in your CBSE Class 10 examination is indeed a walk over a bed of roses.

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