Eating food after the expiry date what are the risks there and where is the limit

  1. The death of three members of a family apparently through food poisoning has focused on what is consumed, its revocation and its risks.
  2. The expiry date of the last “a product should drink,” says the Spanish Food Safety Agency, because there is a risk of getting sick.
  3. Salmonella, botulism or staphylococcus aurous poisoning are some of the most common diseases related to food poisoning.
  4. Differences between “expiration date” and “preferential consumption”.

The death of three members of the same family in Alcala de Guadaira (Sevilla) allegedly due to food poisoning after ingesting food in poor condition has been the subject of the care, aging, and diseases that can derive from a product that is consumed when already has been updated. You can check the full Plexaderm reviews to know more about the product.

Before this case, in April, the government decided to eliminate the expiry date on yogurt to replace it with a preferred consumption date, so depend would prevent an additional loss of food. However, it has also generated a lot of debate: “Cannot afford that, with people who pass needs, there are perfectly consumable foods that end up in landfills,” then said the Minister of Agriculture, m. Arias Canete.

There is a risk of eating outdated products?

Yes. Already last January, the Superior Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) recommended not to eat, because then “the expiration date a portion of food is not suitable for consumption,” said Alfonso Carrascosa, an expert on food security of CSIC.

“Expiration date means that a product should not drink from it to avoid any health problem,” says, in turn, the Spanish Agency for Food Security and Nutrition (AESAN).

Where are the limit of food to eat and you feel good?

“The expiry dates are there for something, there is no limit, it’s a bet,” says Juan Revenge, biologist and nutritionist. “There will already be expired products that they can eat and you do not spend anything, but it’s to play Russian roulette,” warns.

In the case of preferential consumption, are there limits?

Unlike perishable products, which have a marked expiry date, preferential consumption “indicates the date until which foods retain – nutrients – specific properties when properly stored, as recorded by the AESAN.

If they are consumed at once the date “the product may be less good, qualities it would lose, but that should not sit badly,” says the specialist Juan Revenge.

Can a die due to food poisoning?

You can, although it is more common that contract an illness. “In the case of fresh food, it looks like – color, smell – that indicates that this product is not suitable for consumption,” says Revenge, although “may be a period when these qualities are not so patent and if the ingestion of food there is a disease, “he added.

What diseases can produce food poisoning?

Specialist Juan Revenge cited some: salmonellosis – intake of salmonella in the quantities we cause this intoxication-, clostridium poisoning – various bacteria of the same clostridia genus, including are botulism, which comes from infection by Clostridium Botulinum “Even though it is normally due to poor maintenance in its manufacturing process,” says Revenge, by Listeria Monocytogenes – causes listeriosis – or by Staphylococcus aureus.

Refers to another type of food poisoning plus fungi and bacteria, such as “pollution with an insecticide or herbicide by eating foods that cannot have been washed properly, for example,” revenge.

Adverse effects can do to consume bad food?

There are three types of effects: because of the chemical aspects – heavy metals, insecticides, herbicides … -, by physical elements – for example, if it breaks a tooth by chewing an olive bone in an olive which in theory, had no bone, because of the biological elements – or bacteria, for example, that there remains an inedible product of animal origin.

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