Dos donts build muscles if you skinny

Skinny men have to go through a lot of trouble to build muscles and it is probably because of genetics. It has been observed that these individuals train too hard and in the midst of that, they don’t allow themselves to recover and eat enough. You need to revise your regime if that’s what you are doing. Obviously, because of this, you are not seeing results.

The Dos of Building Muscles

Experts share some a list of dos on how lean individuals can build muscles.

• Take the right diet

No doubt eating can help gain muscles. You are going to have to eat a lot. You will need proteins (building blocks for muscles) and carbohydrates (source of energy for the body). You need to make sure you get enough carbohydrates during the day. Otherwise, your body will start relying on proteins and muscles for energy.
Chicken, steak, rice, turkey, pasta, nuts, oats, milk, fish, and eggs help build muscles. Make sure you get your diet right if you really want to see results.

• Eat every to 3 hours

When you are trying to gain muscle weight, your body needs nutrients all the time. So you cannot rely on a 3-course meal for the day. You will have to eat proportionate meals every 2 to 3 hours.
The best way to begin your day is to eat a generous breakfast and then have a snack after 2 hours. In lunch, make sure you are taking protein. Then add another snack after 2 hours. Have a shake before the workout and then in the evening, make sure you eat another big deal. Don’t make yourself go to bed starving.

• Keep a log

When you are building muscles, your focus is also to increase strength. Therefore, it is pertinent that you keep a record. So, every week, add more reps or weights to your workout routine. As your strength increases, do does the size of your muscles.

• Rest as much as you can

When you are on a muscle-building regime, sleeping is just as important as exercising. When you sleep, your growth hormone release. If you cannot get 8 hours of sleep at night, no worries, you can nap during the day whenever you find the time. Likewise, you must rest in between workouts. This will improve your recovery time.

• Measure the success

You need to keep track of your weight. Weigh yourself in the morning after using the toilet. Make sure you do that once a week. You must gain 1 pound each week. In case you don’t, that means you are not eating enough.

• Stay hydrated

You are going to sweat a lot so it is important to stay hydrated. Did you know 70 percent of your muscle are composed of water? You need to drink 1 gallon of water each day.

• Take anabolic steroids

Your trainer will recommend you a number of things and one of them would also be anabolic steroids. They can help you reap the benefits of your workout routine better. Lean people sometimes need extra help for building muscle mass and nothing could help well than steroids.

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The Don’ts Of Building Muscles

Along with things to do for building muscles, there are a list of things you must avoid otherwise you will lose your strength and size.

Never follow a pro’s routine

Keep in mind you are not a professional bodybuilder. Therefore, you should never follow or copy their routine. You will over-train and get yourself hurt.

Do not rely on supplements

It is never recommended to rely on supplements. If you don’t train and eat the way you should, you are simply wasting your time and money. Multi-vitamins, protein powder and other supplements only help when you stick to a plan.

Don’t lose hope if you fail

When you are just starting out, you might not see results right away. Successful people learn to embrace their failure. If you are not able to meet your targets of the day, that is ok. You will start making progress soon. Just don’t lose hope.
As you stick to the plan and work on improving your physique, you will start seeing results soon. Just be patient.

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