Dark chocolates

Chocolate lovers can stop feeling guilty about gorging on them when they choose dark chocolates. Studies have shown that chocolate, especially the darker variety, which contains a higher amount of antioxidants, has a place in the list of superfoods. Perhaps the biggest reason why dark chocolates can be part of your everyday diet is that they are flavonoids-rich. Flavonoids are the naturally-occurring substances which plants have that can effectively boost antioxidant actions in the body.

When you are keen to lead a healthy life through a well-planned diet, you need to use the right health products, whether it is nutritional supplements, cosmetics products, weight loss products, or vitamins. A Herbspro coupon can be of great help to get these products at lower rates. When you think of natural substances which can boost your health, you can consider dark chocolate made from cocoa tree seeds. Unlike milk chocolates, this variety has the power to lower risks of heart ailments and improve heart health.

Key Benefits that Dark Chocolate can offer:

Nutritional Value: One of the biggest reasons to eat dark chocolate is because it is highly nutritious. It is mineral-rich and loaded with necessary fiber. Dark chocolate also contains phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and potassium. But, this needs to be in moderation. Fatty acid in dark chocolate and cocoa are excellent, and these are mainly monounsaturated and saturated fats.

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Antioxidants: Dark chocolates are an excellent source of antioxidants; they have organic compounds such as flavonol, polyphenol, and catechins, which work like antioxidants.

Improves Circulation: It can improve blood circulation and keep blood pressure levels in check. The flavonol stimulates the endothelium, artery lining to release nitric oxide and transmit a signal to arteries to relax. It helps to reduce resistance to flow of blood and keeps blood pressure low.

Raises HDL Levels and Lowers Insulin Resistance: When you eat dark chocolate, you can cut down on risks of heart ailments. Cocoa powder has been seen to lower oxidized LDL in males; it also increases HDL and lowers total LDL in people suffering from high blood cholesterol levels. Dark chocolate is also seen to reduce resistance to insulin, which is one of the biggest causes of diseases like diabetes.

Reduces Risks of Strokes: Swedish researchers have come up with the theory that women consuming high amounts of chocolate have a 20% lower risk of strokes. A similar assumption was also made by researchers in the UK who found that people eating more chocolate were 30% less probable to have strokes.

Protection from Sun: Bioactive compounds in the darker variety of chocolate may be beneficial for healthy skin. The flavonol will protect your skin from sun damage, improve circulation and recover hydration and skin density.

Boost Memory and Brain Functions: Dark chocolate is also said to be useful for improving brain function. Cocoa consumption by seniors has led to improvements in their cognitive abilities, especially in people with mental impairment. Cocoa contains stimulants like Theobromine and caffeine, which can boost brain functions.

Better Vision: Dark chocolate is believed to have characteristics similar to a carrot and may improve eyesight. In a study conducted at the University of Reading, subjects were made to eat both dark and white chocolates and then tested. Those who had consumed dark chocolate appeared to perform better in vision tests.

Mood Booster: Strange as it may sound, dark chocolate can make you feel better. It is the fatty acids in it which do the magic; besides flavonoids, the primary fatty acids are stearic and palmitic. Studies have proved that eating dark chocolates boosts the mood and lifts the spirit. A reason for this is perhaps the fact that chocolate stimulates neural activities in the parts of your brain which control feelings of pleasure and reward.

So, for these reasons and many others, you should include dark chocolate in your diet without any hesitation. You can find coupons for other nutritional supplements, herbal supplements and vitamins on Don’tPayAll.

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