Considerable things while buying an insurance policy for your farm equipment

Farming is a much better option than many other professions because you are the boss with all powers. The demand for crops will never decline which is the main reason why farming is a profitable business. However, you need to invest first on adequate equipment, seeds, fertilizers & pesticides to expect a good harvest. The most expensive part of this entire process is the proper maintenance of farming equipment. Machinery like tractors, irrigators & threshers is very expensive. During the time of sowing or reaping, extensive use of these equipment results in damage or malfunctioning. Just like the insurance of crop, it is also possible to ensure your farming equipment. Many agricultural insurance companies are available in the market offering attractive policies to cover your all farming equipment. Nevertheless, all of them are not trustworthy. Before you buy a policy, always consider these points in priority.

Important things to consider in a farm insurance policy

  1. Accidental cover to the driver

Equipment like tractors and diggers are actually vehicles that you generally use in the hardest geographical conditions. Consequently, the risk of accidental damage is always high. Search for an insurance policy providing driver life cover for every eligible driver. It is possible that the tractor of digger of a farm owner is operated by an employee. It is the accountability of farm insurance company to avail accidental cover including all medical benefits. Read the terms & conditions carefully & also confirm it from the insurance agent that they are insuring paid drivers holding a valid license to operate that particular machinery.

  1. Complete cover to internal machinery parts

As a farm owner, you must be aware of this fact that farm equipment depreciates their value much faster than other vehicles. Also, you cannot work with a malfunctioning part for a long time. The insurance policy you are buying must be covering all the internal & external parts. Blades of plougher, combine belt & fuel injection system are some parts that require regular maintenance otherwise the entire machinery will stop working. Parts replacement is a very expensive task. Therefore, covering your farm & farm machinery with a good insurance policy is necessary. If the conditions of insurance claim seem doubtful, immediately switch to other options.

  1. Availability of service stations

Maybe you manage to find a good insurance company providing the best policy options at affordable rates, who will approach them in an emergency. It is obvious that your farming equipment will encounter with small or big technical troubles on a regular basis. Thus; availability of service stations near your locality is necessary. Visit the official website of an insurance company and check the list of their authorized service stations. If your farm’s location is not coming in the range of nearby service stations, it’s better to find someone else.

Some trustworthy farm insurance agencies also provide the facility of on-site service. It would be better if you manage to find such kinds of service providers.

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