Consider the best mobile phone radiation protection from emf radiation

EMF and RF radiation is a manmade disaster that’s waiting to wipe out the planet!

From causing DNA damage to increased risk of cancer, EMF radiation tap into every natural process in our body and tries to modify it in some way!

You must be wondering how harmful this invisible illness is.

Here’s the list:

The 16 Effects of EMF radiation on human health

  1. Causes Cancer: A reason for childhood blood cancers (Leukemia)
  2. Neurology and behavioural issues (ADHD)
  3. infertility among adults
  4. Sleep disorders and high risks of insomnia
  5. Developmental problems in children
  6. Gene and protein expression
  7. Genotoxic effects (DNA damage)
  8. Affects Stress response
  9. Compromised Immune function
  10. Melatonin production issues
  11. May cause Alzheimer’s Disease in old age
  12. Childhood obesity
  13. Headaches
  14. Memory loss
  15. Low sperm count
  16. Heart conditions

It’s time to panic and take protective action against these harmful radiation effects.

4 Natural methods to shield you can shield yourself from the radiation:

1. Distance: Keep your mobile phones away from your body, especially from sensitive areas like the brain, heart and reproductive organs( don’t keep it in your pants pockets or inside your bras). This may lead to reproductive issues.

Never sleep with your mobile under your pillow.

2. Use aeroplane mode while travelling.

Your mobile phones emit more radiation when you are travelling. This is because whenever you are travelling; your phone puts out more radio frequencies to reach from one tower to the next.

I recommend you switch off your phones during travelling as your health is much more valuable than those office calls!

3. Don’t use mobile phones before bedtime

Turn on aeroplane mode before you go to sleep. It switches off the Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular networks thus minimizing radiations. Don’t worry, your morning alarm will ring in the aeroplane mode.

4. Don’t use mobiles in your children’s room

Children have fast-growing minds they adapt to the environment around them. A child exposed to continuous radiation is prone to headaches, childhood obesity and Developmental problems.

These days parents keep the phone around their children continuously. They keep clicking pictures without knowing that they are harming their bundle of joy.

Keep a strict no gadget rule inside your child’s room, especially if the baby is still an infant.

Don’t feel paranoid!

I have researched in the market and have shortlisted the two easy to use and convenient technologies that can actually counter the EMF radiation. I have listed these products because I personally believe they are the best.

Whichever you choose make sure it’s scientifically tested and effectively reduces the risk of radiation.

For research, I considered the following criteria.

Let’s begin

What to look for in the product?

Before you click on the BUY NOW button make sure you go through the following:

Durability and performance rating

Customer reviews

Quantity check

Effectiveness ( how much radiation can it block)

Price range

I have listed down the best three products which I truly believe are effective and satisfy the criteria.

#Number 1

SYB Laptop pad

Use: Reproductive organ protection

Quality check: This technology helps reduce exposure.

Working: the laptop pads form a barrier between your lap and the laptop radiation. This effectively eliminates the risk of EMF and RF radiation entering your body or harming the reproductive organs

Why this product?

In a world where reproductive health, reduced sperm count and DNA damage is happening due to the increase in technology use. This pad simply makes sense!

Price: The price of this product is affordable and the product is worth the money!

#Number 2

SYB Flex shields

Use: I recommend this mobile phone radiation protection product because of its flexibility in usage. This comes as a large sheet or a small sheet depending on the one you order.

You can cover your baby’s room’s wall with it or cut a small piece and stitch them inside your pants pockets

Working: They have EMF protection materials as an inbuilt feature. They reduce radiation exposure from mobile phones in your pockets.

Also, your baby remains safe not just from your home’s radiation but also from the WiFi radiation of your neighbours.

Quality: They are of really good quality and highly effective

Price: The price of this product is affordable and the product is worth the money!






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