Concept of graduate record examination in brief

Being on of the world’s largest assessment programs, the Graduate Record Examination or the GRE test analyze the aspiring students’ analytical writing skills, quantitative ability and the verbal reasoning skills for securing their admissions  in several graduate schools abroad. This test is taken in over 1000 test centers in almost 160 countries every year. The scores are also accepted at thousands of graduate programs across the globe for masters and doctoral degrees. This test is conducted by the ETS or Educational Testing Services. This is a computer based test and no two students can have the identical set of questions. The maximum score of this test is 340.

Types of GRE

There are two types of GRE test – one is general test and the other is subject test. The general tests are for the students who seek admission in MS course in different fields in US and various other countries. This test analyzes the above mentioned three aspects of every student. This test is conducted throughout the year. On the other hand the subject tests are required for getting admission in specialized courses and evaluate the candidates’ ability on a particular subject which includes mathematics or literature or biology, chemistry, biochemistry etc. This test is conducted thrice a year and available only in paper delivered format.

Eligibility and Syllabus

Anyone can register for GRE exam irrespective of age and qualifications but the main fact is that one have to produce his/her original passport as proof of identity at the examination centers. Online and over the phone both methods are available for registration. And mentioning about the GRE syllabus? The two-task analytical writing segment tests the test taker’s ability to critically examine complex issues and arguments and asks them to discuss his/her ideas clearly and logically. In verbal reasoning three types of questions have been devised and they are: 1) reading comprehension, 2) text completion, and 3) sentence equivalence. By these three parts the verbal section judges the students’ capacity to read and understand the relationships between parts of sentences and association between words and concepts. And then comes the quantitative part where the segment tests the takers’ concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis and skills for solving problems based on these concepts, the detailed list of which is easily available on the ETS website. Quantitative comparison, multiple-choice with one correct answer and with one or more correct answers, computation questions are the type of questions that can be found here. The subjects for the subject tests are already mentioned earlier. The more details can be found easily on the ETS website.

Factors to consider

Facility of having on screen calculators for the computer tests and hand held calculators for paper based tests are provided. The ETS GRE website should be followed seriously by the aspirants to have the clear knowledge on almost every aspects of the exam.


Thus the GRE syllabus needs the proper attention and a great mindset from the students if they want to secure their admission in their choices of reputed schools.

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