Best winter jackets that every man must have

When it comes to winters, stylish pullovers for women and cute winter jackets for girls aren’t the only garments that sell. It’s 2019, and men have started taking grooming and style seriously. Sadly, many men still don’t know how to dress appropriately for winters. You can dress smartly for the cold days without compromising on your style. Here are the best winter jackets for men that you must add to your wardrobe:


Men’s overcoats not only look dapper but also keep the chilly winds at bay. They extend below your knees and are usually made of heavier wool. Overcoats came in trend in the seventeenth century, and since then, the look hasn’t undergone much change. The coat adds elegance to traditional and formal looks alike. Overcoats come in all colors- tan, navy, charcoal, black are the most popular. If you want a versatile shade for your black and navy suits, invest in a good charcoal-colored overcoat.

Pea coat

Extending up to the bottom of your hips, pea coats are less formal and shorter than overcoats. Pea coat comes with large buttons and broad lapels usually made of wood, plastic or metal. Pea coats are always double-breasted. Sported initially by the European and American soldiers, pea coat has now become a classic winter coat for men. It’s a wonderful way to dress up any semi-casual outfit. You can also wear it with your suits. The traditional color of the pea coat is navy, but you can also go for the grey ones which look fabulous with chinos and jeans.  Unlike overcoats, pea coats can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned as a statement piece.

Trench Coat

Technically, trench coats are just like overcoats, but the modern versions reach above your knees. Developed by French and British soldiers during World War I, the trench coat is known for its ten buttoned double-breasted front, button-down pockets, storm flap, and wide lapels. Trench coats are designed very smartly. The storm flap helps in preventing wind-driven rains from entering in the garment from the buttonholes. Trench coats come with straps on the wrists which keep the water from running down the forearm. They come in leather, cotton, and wool and have a lining which makes it wearable even during Fall and Spring when the days are cooler. GO for well-fitted trench coats to get that streamlined look.

Ski Jackets

You only need a ski jacket if you live in or are planning to visit a freezing city. These jackets are water resistance and highly insulated, combining warmth with breathability. They come with multiple pockets, snow skirts, and adjustable hooks.  You can get a ski jacket in an array of bright colors. The emphasis here is not on contrasting other shades in your wardrobe that look subtle, but to go for maximum visibility.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather bomber jackets are loved for the sturdy construction and insulation they provide. Teamed with heavy woolen lining, leather bomber jacket extends to your collar. If you want a traditional ‘gentleman’ look, these are the jackets to go for. It is a timeless winter and casual jacket, ideal for the colder months. Go for a coat that fits you snugly over the body and shoulders. For a sleek look, button the arms end and you are good to go.

These were some of the trendiest and stylish winter jackets that every man must have in this winter season.

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