Activities are important as much as the academics

The world is evolving and so is our education system. The core aim of education is to foster the all-round development of a child. All-round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. This overall development can only be achieved when doing curricular activities will become part of the education. To achieve this objective there is a prime need of striking a balance between syllabus, curriculum and also co-curricular activities beyond that.

Co-curricular activities are those activities which take place side by side of curricular activity. It is out of a typical pen and pencil classrooms experience. These activities include music, art, drama or painting or singing or anything.

Some of the major benefits of co-curricular activities are described as follows.

Developed specialized skills

Co-curricular activities are a golden opportunity for anyone to brush off their talents. It helps to develop specialized skills in one individual. Competitions that are organized can create a competitive environment and helps them work towards the objective of achieving a better society. It helps to mold the young minds in a creative direction.

Overall personality

Only reading books won’t help to develop the kind of personality required to compete in today’s world. Your personality needs to be developed in all spheres of life. Could activities help to enhance the all-round personality of the students to strongly face the turbulent road of the future? Experience is a great teacher. And these activities give a lot of experience and appreciation which will assist students during internships and other programs.

Exposure to new activities

There is a whole lot of new horizon of activities that give students a better insight and legs them choose what they enjoy. They choose their own way to learn through these activities. It opens a completely different world of opportunities for the students. These activities stimulate playing, painting, acting, dancing and speaking skills in students. A student can choose from a huge plethora of options.

Improved academic performance

It is researched and proved that the students who are active in co-curricular activities show better academic performance than those who don’t participate in these actions. A student pursues his or her hobby in these activities, and as a result, they tend to learn other things well. They also better understand how to manage their time efficiently and also increases their interest in the school.

Sense of responsibility

Every parent wants to inculcate a sense of responsibility in their child. Co-curricular activities are the best way to do it. When students in their early teens are given some response or a task to Jane like first aid, their efficiency to handle such situations becomes much better. It automatically fosters the sense of responsibility and accountability in students.

So, looking at the importance of these co-curricular activities, these can’t be avoided, and one such school that is very well coping with it is Montessori school in Gurgaon. The Montessori school in sector 48 Gurgaon strikes off the balance between curricular and co-curricular activities very well.

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