About biopsy and when it is required

Biopsy can be termed to be a medical examination or evaluation that is performed on the patients to identify cancerous cells that may emerge at any suspicious location in the body. This procedure is generally conducted by a qualified or experienced surgeon or radiologist. It is rather one of the conducted advanced multiple examinations to confirm diagnosis of cancer. A good number of men and women including children contract this unfortunate disease and many deaths do take place for late diagnosis and lack of timely treatment. The commonly performed procedure is biopsy which does offer excellent results and help doctors at the top cancer hospital in india to provide the most appropriate treatment. those who suspect of having cancer and need to undergo biopsy should know what it is all about, so as to remain calm and educated throughout the procedure.

Why biopsy is required?

If the physician suspects any medical condition such as cancer in the patient that is to be confirmed, then biopsy procedure is recommended. If other symptoms related to the condition is noticed, the final confirmation is derived by carrying out the biopsy procedure.

Although there are imaging techniques such as ultrasound and x-ray, they only can display mass found at the location of the body. However, they do not specify the cell’s present in the mass and their exact nature. The fact is that not all masses found in the body can be termed to be cancerous. Still a fair amount of chance does exist of a mass turning out to be cancerous. Hence, no one should ignore the mass and thus require undergoing biopsy.

The doctor during the biopsy procedure takes out few small cell or tissue samples to analyse them in the lab setting. It helps the doctor to make an evacuation cancerous cells and confirm it is present or not within the whole mass.

Biopsy and its different types

Depending on medical condition that requires diagnosis, varying types of biopsies do exist.

  • Endoscopic biopsy: The physician in this type of biopsy makes use of a fine tube having small headlight at its one end. Depending on the investigation site, the tube gets inserted through the rectum, mouth skin or the urinary tract in the patient. The small headlight in the tube helps the doctor to get a clear view of what is inside the patient’s body especially at the site of issue. The tube is also provided with small tools to retract tiny sample from affected site to offer analysis at a later stage. It is performed generally under anaesthesia. There may be performed endoscopic biopsy to derive tissue samples from within the lungs colon or the bladder.
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy: According to the medical experts bone marrow is termed to be a semi-solid material that is located within the larger bones. When carrying out this form of biopsy procedure, some part of bone marrow is taken out using a large syringe. Generally, it is availed from the hip bone and can a painful procedure, the reason why patients are placed under anaesthesia. Usually, this procedure is conducted to diagnose blood related issues, which might be cancerous in nature like lymphoma or leukaemia. It could be non-cancerous also like unexplained severe anaemia. The doctor might carry out bone marrow biopsy to diagnose cancer which could start at other places and later transfer to bone marrow region.
  • Needle biopsy: In this procedure, a needle is used to take cell samples from affected region. Usually visible tumours are targeted like the swollen lymph nodes and breast lumps.

The fact is that biopsy is regarded to be a crucial medical test and also a painful one in few of the cases. At the same time, it is necessary to undergo the procedure. The patient needs to prepare himself/herself prior to undergoing this test and ensure the doctor is asked all relevant questions, so as to have knowledge of the procedure, know what is to be faced, etc. This actually helps the patient to be better prepared and enjoy smooth procedure and derive the best results.

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