3 factors to remember for creating a wikipedia page

Wikipedia is one of the most popular platforms on the internet ranking fifth in the list, according to Alexa. Considering its position in the digital world, signifies its importance as a popular marketing platform, communicating brand vision and message in 301 different languages.

For a business, being on Wikipedia can establish an instant reputation and global recognition. Having a Wikipedia page enables the audience to know more about your business, what it aims to do, what they do, and how it is done. The importance of having a Wikipedia page cannot be flamboyant—it provides a business far-reaching benefits for customer trust, brand awareness, and positioning the company as the industry leader.

A Wikipedia article about your business is a tremendously valuable commodity. It projects your business’s authenticity and credibility in the industry. Your SEO is automatically boosted, resulting in a significant increase in sales opportunities and revenue.

A major part of Google’s algorithms is dependent on links from reliable websites to assess the trust and reliability of other domains. With that said, Wikipedia being a reliable website on Google, puts a stamp of “trustworthy” to the domains it links to even if the link is nofollow.

What should you remember to create a Wikipedia page?

At the crux of it, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia containing over 5 million articles on various subject matters. It needs worthy information to create an article on Wikipedia. Consulting a Wikipedia page creator can provide assistance in writing a Wikipedia page. You need to consider the following facts before writing a Wikipedia page.

  • Notability of the subject

Does your article’s subject is worthy of attention? Wikipedia determines this through several measures. It considers the number of trustworthy sources present in the digital world which can provide reference and authenticity of your company. Secondary places of information such as peer-reviews journals and news websites are considered as verifiable sources of information for Wikipedia.

If you think your company is Wiki worthy, it should also be newsworthy. Another factor that can affect the notability of the subject is whether your product can make an impact on your nation’s economy. Launching a product is not enough, its societal impacts should be describable.

  • Credibility of the source

Mentions of your company in Blogs, or content-based social media channels are not usually considered as credible sources. You must remember that Wikipedia doesn’t consider or accept information that is self-published. It evaluates the independence of the information to be entered in the article. You must make sure that you have enough independent information about your company online so you can site it in your article.  Appearance in news stories of credible channels or journals and publications is important.

Along with that make sure to search Wikipedia to see if it already have a page for your topic. Type the subject or topic you’re thinking or a relevant keyword and if it already have a page, do not reinvent the wheel. Instead, edit the page to mold it according to your information making it credible and informative.

  • Tone neutrality

The quickest way of deleting a page is writing glorifying information for your subject. Wikipedia being an encyclopedia, does not allow promotional content on the site. The key to successful publication of the page is to use neutral and non-promotional tone of words that describes you product instead of promoting it. Represent the view point of authoritative media sources in unbiased words and distribute weight to each point.


Every business today has to keep up with the increasing internet platform for better marketing and boost their presence in the online world. You might have an intriguing website, but having a Wikipedia page has its own weight in the digital realm. However, taking the above mentioned three factors under consideration can lead to optimum growth and visibility of your company.

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