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Do you really want to waste your precious time by finding out the most reliable service which can actually increase your rank to Google First Page amongst more than 2000+ services?

You might buy some of the Local SEO Package here hoping that now the rank will increase but seriously, you will be a lot disappointed after losing hundreds of dollars and lots of time.

Not Any More!

We know, all you want to do is your business and not handling the technicalities of Google Ranking System and false promises of Sellers.

We are the only people on Internet who give 100% money back guarantee & a nice promise of no matter what, we will take you to the Google First Page Rank by our SEO Service.

So, here we NYC seo, promising that we will help you in gaining Google First Page Rank for your 6 keywords in next 6 Months without any false & hollow promises.

  1. Team Sarvotarzan will guarantee that within 6 Months, (6) Low Competition Keywords (Competition < 0.20) will get the rank in First Page of Google Searches else we will refund the 100% money. No Questions Asked.
  2. The price given here is a “Monthly Price” for purchasing SEO services. For availing 180 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, the user has to buy the SEO service continuously for 6 months. Also, the user has to buy the subsequent month SEO service before ending the previous month’s SEO Service so that there might not be any discontinuity at the SEO end. The sooner you buy the subsequent package, the better your SEO result would be as the chances of discontinuity would be less.
  3. Several other keywords will also get good ranks (Within Top 10 Pages) for sure but its really hard to give any guarantee for exact page rankings.
  4. All ranks will be counted under the Google Webmaster Tools & actual search term Searches.
  5. In this service Team Sarvotarzan will select the best possible services for the customer and will provide the monthly report of all the activities.
  6. The cost of ranking per keyword within 6 months is $249.
  7. In case the team is not able to rank a certain number of keywords, the team will refund the full amount of those keywords occurred in the last 6 months. For example: Suppose the team is not able to rank 2 keywords then the team will refund the amount of 2 keywords ie ((2 x $249) – (Transaction Fee)) to the customer. Read Order Delivery Terms for refund terms.
  8. The Low Competition Keywords will be selected by the keywords provided by Google Keyword Planner Suggest after having a mutual discussion with the customer and our SEO Team. By Low Competition Keywords, we mean, the keywords which have competition up to 0.20.
  9. This service is only for one country which means you can only target users of one country and not multiple countries.
  10. For starting the project we will need a set of Top 6 Keywords of Low Competition which are taken from Google AdWords keyword planner & Current Rank Excel sheet of Target Domain from Google Webmaster Tools.
  11. Before buying this service, Client will provide its both set of keywords and the team will analyze whether the provided keywords can be ranked or not. After analyzing, the team will tell the client whether to purchase the service or not.
  12. The target domain must be at least 9 months old.
  13. The service is meant for 6 Months (for Guaranteed Rank Increase) time period but you can also buy the service for 1 month or 2 months or for any time period as per your requirements. But the guarantee is applied only when you buy the first-month service and the subsequent month service within 1 Day after getting the monthly report, which means you have to buy the service back to back for getting the guarantee.
  14. Even though if you buy this service for 1 month, it will definitely increase your rank on Google (but no guarantee).
  15. There is no guarantee if you buy one month pack and wait for more than 1 day after receiving the monthly report.
  16. Team Sarvotarzan will help in complete On-Page SEO as well in Off-Page SEO of the customer website. However, the charges for On-Page SEO will be extra.
  17. The customer needs to have a good On-Page SEO for having best-guaranteed results else Team Sarvotarzan will guide it to buy required On-Page SEO Services from Sarvotarzan.com or it can do on its own under the guidance of Team Sarvotarzan. In case the customer is not able to take required actions for managing its On-Page SEO within 60 days then also the guarantee of ranking will void. And, before starting the project, Team Sarvotarzan will also check the On-Page SEO of the target domain and will guide about the changes for maximum impact.
  18. Team Sarvotarzan will also help in devising Social Media Marketing Strategy for the customer for maximum impact.

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